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About Client

The client owns one of the leading corporations across the globe, involves manufacturing, design and, selling of large power suppliers. The company provides engineering and industrial equipment solutions that are power-packed with in electrical energy supply. With the need of effective management of allocation of work and ongoing track of activities and processes, the client’s needs an assessment tool to observe the business processes.

Business Challenges

With the requirement of handling the task and activities, performed by an individual, the client wanted a modular design structure that able to identify various risk factors associated with various business processes. The comprehensive report management and well-defined identification of risk assessment are being at the core of this business process assessment tool. The client wanted diversified modules with various business processes and connected business roles. The client required entire authorization and identification based on the user’s role used by the various business modules to maintain the level of risk across the organization.


With the defined and required features to be incorporated into the system, Brainvire’s highly qualified team has created categorized modules that facilitate the division of work. The pre-identification of risk level that is linked with each and every business processes, is the focused requirement of the client. And Brainvire’s proficient team has ended up fulfilling the demanded objectives.


  • The full-fledged home screen that must act as dashboard showing the 2D data representation at micro level
  • The risk management module that is being accessed by users through the authorization
  • Master data management section that enables the admin to organize master information
  • User management section provides accessibility only to the admin
  • The comprehensive report management to observe the status of each business processes across various modules and divisions


  • A Service-oriented architecture that enabled a risk management functionalities within business processes
  • An enhanced analysis and robust data analytical design that provided insightful actions
  • The effective user interface to provide entire way of work to their external users
  • Ensured secured authorization and paralleled execution of all the real-time modules
  • Accessible and well-managed data resources to generate group results