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Web Development
Symfony 1.4

About Client

Our client runs a construction company successfully for over three decades in India. The company builds the residents with extraordinary art, careful detailing and meticulous planning. Up till 43 projects are developed that are spanning to 2.53 million square feet area. Apart from resident development, the company is involved in the Society Redevelopment, Greenfield, and SRA developments. Also, the company aims to gain the Enterprise Value of 1 billion by 2017

Business Challenges

To spread the real estate company word, create a unique bond with the customers and celebrate the association with the existing customers, the company had taken an initiative by launching a loyalty program digitally through web app development. The company teamed up with Brainvire team to craft a website through which they can offer value-added benefits to their privileged customers as a part of the loyalty program.


The responsive web application was engineered to reward the highly valued customers where customers can get the host of benefits with various brands of different segments such as fitness gym, spa, restaurants or salons. When the customers purchase any apartment from the real estate company, automatically their account get activated and they can browse and leverage the offers availed to them.


  • Allow the eligible users to view the offers that company is providing
  • Various offers are segregated into different categories for seamless browsing
  • Offers and its categories are managed by the company


  • Establish lasting relationship with the customers
  • Empower customer’s loyalty with loyalty rewards
  • Improve customers’ engagement

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Mr. Manjesh Singh
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Mr Craig Agranoff
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Mr. Clarke Verdel

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