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Web App Development
Symfony 1.4

About Client

The client is represented as one of the strongest figures in the real estate industry in India as a leading construction company. For more than three decades, the company is building residential apartments with the best planning, and leveraging the years of experience. Up till, over 43 projects are built, including 2760 units spanning in the 2.53 million sq. ft. area.

Business Challenges

In the Ecommerce market, referral award is such a feature that has boosted the number of users and indirectly enhanced the store awareness. Analyzing the strategy, the company wanted to take an initiative of rewarding the customers with a referral program to motivate the customers to refer the properties to their closed ones and make them buy the same. To achieve the purpose, they needed a web app where the customers can easily view the referral rewards.


The responsive web application was developed as a part of the unique referral program for the construction company’s projects and properties. When the customers purchase a property with the company, they will get eligible to participate in the program. Later, customers can share any friend or family members contact details with the company who are interested in buying the properties, and if they agreed to buy the property from the same company, then the customer will get the gifts that fall within the project category.


  • The complete suite of projects is divided into three categories for referral awards
  • The customers’ account is auto-created when they buy the property from the company
  • Referral status is updated to the customers’ account in the real-time
  • An array of gifts is offered among which customers can choose the one they prefer


  • Enhance the construction company’s popularity
  • The company will get more contact details at ease
  • Customers’ loyalty gets improved
  • A difference in the properties’ sales is analyzed
  • Gifts motivate the customers to share more contact details