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About Client

The London based client has a real estate company where the properties for sale or rent are given to the people who are searching for them either for investment or accommodation purpose. The company size is about 50 employees with the annual turnover of £6.5 million.

Business Challenges

The client has analyzed that there are a lot of potential customers in the market who are searching for the properties to make the investment or for the accommodation, but making a reach to them with traditional marketing was difficult. The client wanted to create such network where people can easily get connected with them and able to invest in the best property in less effort. He teamed up with the Brainvire team to build a portfolio management system for real estate investors.


The web application was developed for the real estate investors where the intelligent search engine displays the list of properties in a matter of seconds based on their needs. Also, the real estate investment will involve the acquisition, financial investments, holding and selling of rights in the property.


  • Properties can be browsed by name, location, genre and payment mode
  • Investors dashboard displays all the investments made
  • People can invest in a group or as an individual
  • Property listing for any nation
  • Unlimited property valuation estimates can be performed
  • Financial portfolio performance can be tracked and managed
  • Property data trends can be easily researched
  • Investment strategies and principles can be learned
  • The online transactions can be done online that includes the signing of the legal documents and funds transfer
  • People can post the requirements or the query
  • Quick view offers the property details instantly


  • A handy solution for the real estate investors
  • No hassle in searching the properties
  • Property management can be done from the comfort of the couch
  • Transaction alongside the legal documentation becomes convenient
  • No middlemen brokerage or commission is involved
  • Time, costs and efforts savvy