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Digital Video Platform for the Cannabis Community Built by Brainvire Crosses 3 Million Downloads


About Client

Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is a psychoactive drug from the Cannabis plant used for medical or recreational purposes. It can lead to serious health consequences amongst its users if they are not informed about its abuse and other side effects. The client, a team of serial entrepreneurs, approached Brainvire with a novel vision - spreading awareness about cannabis culture on a global scale through a digital video platform.

Product Idea

Brainvire ideated the digital video platform in the form of an Android and iOS mobile app. It allows safe access to curated cannabis content and enables users to upload and share media free of cost. Viewers can get detailed and accurate information on the following aspects of cannabis:

  1. The different compounds found in cannabis and what they do (CBD vs. THC, for example).
  2. The medical conditions that marijuana can treat and it's biological actions.
  3. The current regulations/laws governing the permitted usage of cannabis.
  4. The different parts of the cannabis plant and how they are used.

It acts as a hub for cannabis content creators to connect, socialize and conduct discussions on various topics ranging from cannabis to fitness, and everything related to it.

How we did it ?


3M+ App Downloads

The app has attracted over 3 Million downloads on the App Store and Google Play Store post-launch.

Over 50K Videos Uploaded

The digital platform has no censorship issues and over 50k videos have been uploaded through the mobile app.

1 Million Monthly Visitors

The app attracts nearly 1 million visitors on a monthly basis due to its informative content

Featured in Forbes, AdAge & The Hype Magazine

The revolutionary app has resonated well with members of the cannabis community and its novelty has been lauded by some of the leading magazines.

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