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Xcode 4.2.1
Facebook SDK
Core Data Framework

About product

The application is a movie based gaming app for iPhone and iPad users. The application is featured with Facebook and Apple’s game centre integration.

Business Challenges

The client asked for a simple to use and easy to understand gaming application which is movie based and connected to Apple gaming centre. The application should be enabled to integrate with Facebook for authentication, sharing and friend’s contacts. A questionnaire followed by a movie, then lifelines for each question and a game for each lifeline kind of structure was demanded by the client. The lifeline should be in three ways – Challenge, Reverse and Help.


Within the span of 4 months, Brainvire team presented the full-fledged unique gaming application. The User Interface Layer was designed as per the iPhone-defined standards.This application for iPad is built around objective C and core data framework. Geo-fencing technology was used at different stages. Integration of various 3rd party tools was achieved successfully. Whole application was designed and developed with enhancement and advancement for thefuture scope.


  • An appealing and attentive application which drags user attention instantly
  • Integration with Facebook for authentication, sharing and importing contacts etc.
  • Integration with Apple gaming centre
  • Efficient gaming process with strong questionnaire module with precise lifeline integration with max capacity of 6 players
  • ‘Challenge’ functionality to shift the question towards other players
  • ‘Reverse’ functionality for another player to revert the question to the previous player
  • ‘Help’ functionality to get hints for a question


  • Unique movie based gaming application has made it very popular and by thus portal has earned a good revenue.
  • Different lifeline feature like ‘challenge’ has given a scope to invite more players and by thus a strong user base to the application.
  • Integration with Facebook and Apple gaming centre has resulted in the authenticity of the application.
  • The application is capable of handling millions of users at a time without slowing down the performance.
  • Security and scalability of the application exhibit the trustworthiness of the application.