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Ecommerce SEO

Categories : All, Case Study, Digital marketing, Retail / E-commerce

About Client


The client has a web platform for buying health care products that help reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass, boost your mood, strengthen muscles, bones and have a wide range od skin care products too.

The client is a one stop web store (ecommerce store) for all weight loss products and pills as well as dietary supplements. They are focused on providing customers with the right products at the best prices and spreading the word of good health.

Client Requirement

Client required that the website play the role of an “eStore” to sell the products so that they could be delivered to customers conveniently. This is a sales channel for all health and fitness products that help reduce weight and stay fit. Client’s requirement was to increase the sales of their fitness products, and improve the traffic to the website. They also were looking for a social media plan for spreading the word and increasing popularity.

Establishing a presence over the internet required proper planning, extensive research and adequate knowledge of Digital marketing methods. Marketing plans that included Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) was prepared.

The very specific client requirements were:
  • Driving web traffic to the ecommerce site using SEO organically.
  • Also Using PPC ads and enabling quick sales of their products.
  • Extensive Keyword research to Target the right audience for health and fitness products
  • Social Media Marketing to increase popularity and build brand reputation
  • Google Ads Campaign for increasing product sales.
  • Increase sales of the products organically.
  • Search Engine Ranking for all the major keywords selected.
  • On page activities for content and HTML optimization.
  • Link building Campaign setup for establishing a presence on web and improving search rankings.


A highly targeted approach was needed for marketing the health and fitness products to the right customer base. The following challenges needed to be addressed with this project:
  • Thorough keyword research was required for marketing the products well.
  • Improving web traffic and hence improving sales was a challenge.
  • Establishing online presence required SEO planning and strategizing.
  • Improving search engine rankings for many categories of the Website
  • A social media marketing plan needed to be created for a targeted reach to the right customers.


Project Manager 1
Project Leader 1
SEO Executives 3
Content Writer 1


Strategic thinking and proper planning was required and Four different approaches were taken for this task.
  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO
  • Social Media
  • Google AdWords Campaigns
These were all essential to achieve the end results.
  • Extensive keyword research was done. Keywords were finalized digital marketing.
  • HTML was reviewed for On Page optimization.
  • Title Tags, Description etc. in the HTML to include the keywords that were selected.
  • Thorough website analysis was done for link profiles and broken links were analyzed.
  • Link building Campaign setup for establishing a presence on web and improving search rankings.
  • Bi-Weekly Website and Web Traffic Analysis and Enhancement in SEO Strategy
  • Social Media Pages and postings were decided upon.
  • Google AdWords Campaign was initiated to get maximum and quick sales.

Achievements Highlights

The plan brought about a significant change in the business’ sales and reach. The website immediately saw a rise in the number of visitors and subsequent increase in product sales. Here are the highlights:

  • Website Traffic increased exponentially 60%
  • The site ranking on all major search engines was improved.
  • The Sales increased exponentially by 200 %
  • The website saw a great internet visibility and success via social media too.
  • Social Media was effectively implemented to ensure business popularity
  • Business saw a rise in sales and profits within a short while due to PPC campaigns.
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