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About Project

The maintenance company offers comprehensive maintenance and repair services for residential, commercial, and healthcare facilities. They ensure reliable, affordable solutions, from air conditioner repair to pest control, plumbing, and more. Focusing on continuous improvement and innovation, they prioritize user satisfaction and long-term relationships. Established in 2016, they’ve earned trust across the Eastern Province and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, thanks to their skilled technicians and cutting-edge technology.

  • Appliance Maintenance Company

  • Middle East


Business Goal 

Our goal was to implement SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing strategies to drive increased leads and conversions. This involved optimizing website visibility, creating engaging content, and using social platforms to expand their reach and enhance brand awareness. Through these efforts, we aimed to boost engagement and drive business growth.

Project Highlights


Key Challenges and Solutions

Visibility Challenge

Struggled with low search visibility amidst fierce sector competition.

Optimized SEO Enhances Traffic

We conducted a thorough SEO audit, implementing on-page and technical optimizations. This included detailed keyword research to enhance content relevance and website structure improvements for better search engine visibility. Our tailored approach ensured optimal performance and increased organic traffic for the client’s website.

Shallow Content

Existing content lacked depth and failed to engage the target audience effectively.

Strategic Content with Engaging Blogs and Case Studies

Our team crafted a robust content strategy featuring informative blog posts, compelling case studies, and practical how-to guides tailored to maintenance and operational services. This enriched our client’s online presence, engaging their audience with valuable insights and driving brand visibility.

Social Limitation

Limited social media presence hindered brand awareness, limiting lead generation.

Engaging Social Strategy to Boost Brand Credibility

We devised a comprehensive social media marketing strategy, focusing on regularly posting engaging content, including client testimonials and industry insights. This plan aimed to boost brand visibility and credibility, fostering increased engagement and lead generation opportunities.

Low Conversion

Despite increased traffic, the website had a low conversion rate.

Boosted Conversions with CRO Success

We enhanced conversion rates by implementing CRO strategies, including A/B testing of landing pages, optimizing CTAs, and enhancing website user experience. Our tailored approach improved engagement and streamlined the customer journey, resulting in increased conversions and improved ROI.

Our Approach

We implemented these approaches to enhance website usability, providing users with a friendly, efficient, and accessible interaction experience.



Enhanced website visibility through keyword optimization and on-page SEO techniques, improving search engine rankings.


Developed engaging content tailored to target audience interests, driving traffic and increasing brand visibility.
Social Media


Various social platforms expanded reach and enhanced brand awareness, engaging with followers to foster relationships.


Captured leads via optimized CTAs and conversion-focused landing pages, driving conversions and business growth.

Technology Stack

Marketing Platform

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager

Key Results

  • 20 Traffic Surge

    Monthly organic traffic surged by 20%, bolstering site visibility and attracting potential customers.
  • +1.5 Monthly Engagement

    Monthly engagement rose by 1.5%, indicating improved audience interaction and content effectiveness.
  • Social Surge Led 4.1 Reach

    In the second month, our efforts led to a 4.1% surge in social media reach, expanding brand engagement.
  • 7.65 Conversion Boost

    We improved conversion rates by 7.65% in a month through landing page optimizations.

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