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Mobile App Development

About Client

The client is one of the biggest NGOs operating in India for specially abled people. It’s focused on providing opportunity to various eco system partners to connect with each other and create a vibrant community, which is empowered with the resources and information to help the disabled people. Such people can share their experiences on this platform, voice their projects, issues, information, and solution, which needs donations and CSR funding across the globe.

Business Challenges

The past decade has seen a tremendous growth in NGOs. While there are many struggling at the grass root level, there are others that have become a household name. When we’re talking about the NGOs, acquaintance is a must. The more an NGO remains in network and acquainted with right people, the more it can manage to offer services. In the age of social media, it’s quite get a maximum reach, but it’s only possible with the right set of services. Our client already had a website in developing phase, however, due to being in nascent phase, it was having troubles seeking maximum reach in order to communicate with more individuals and broaden the dimensions of their NGO services.


A customized mobile was developed to appeal users and generate maximum user interaction about specially abled people. The end user will be able to join the NGO, take a pledge, become a volunteer, and raise their voice to offer services in order to help the specially abled people. End users will be able to view the details about their social cause and provide solutions for the same. The main solution that was developed was to build accessibility.


  • Real time app synchronization with VoiceofSAP website.
  • End users can access mobile application for details about the NGO and their noble cause.
  • User would be able to access the informatics pages of the application without registration and login.
  • End user will be able to take the pledge, to do something good for specially abled people without login or registration details.
  • Rate Building Accessibility allows users of the proposed application to lodge a report with image, star rating and description about the same.
  • End user will be able to view the list of the building and on Google map to drill down about the ratings of building accessibility.
  • By refer a friend feature end user will be able to send request to join the application via email to their friends and increase the reachability of the end users to the application.


  • The app helped in seeking maximum reachability
  • End users were able to pledge to help the specially abled people
  • End users were able to connect more and more people with this platform by the means of inviting via leading social networking websites like Facebook and Google+
  • The real time accessibility allowed users to browse the platform over mobile as well as web application with the same account.