Magento introduces Enterprise Edition 1.14.2 and a new mobile Software Development Kit

Magento has an outstanding contribution in accelerating the business growth of the ecommerce stores. With the constantly new developments, Magento is constantly expanding its capabilities to serve the businesses. Like every new Magento development company, this time too it has got something interesting and impressive.

In the Imagine commerce 2015 Magento and eBay enterprise conference event, where there were the announcements about the latest developments, product releases and partnerships, one of the many announcements was about the release of Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.2 and new mobile SDK (Software Development Kit). Brainvire team was extremely proud and delighted to witness this announcement at the event.

Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.2

Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.2 software is now available to everyone that includes new features and functionalities like:

  • Enhanced merchandising tool:
    With the new automated product category sorting rules, it is even easier for the merchants to increase customer engagement and boost sales. These rules enable to re-arrange the category page and feature the best sellers or new products category at the top in order to draw visitors and enhance the sales. It automatically makes adjustments as and when the products are added or removed. In short, the merchandising is maintained automatically, without the interference from the merchant.
  • Google tag manager:

    With Google tag manager, it becomes easier for merchant to add tracking tags to the Magento site without even changing the code. This will help them in audience measurement, targeting right audience, search engine marketing and personalization, to name a few.

    It also helps to collect the accurate data which helps for bettering market campaigns and marketing results. Also, it can transfer shopping events to the third party analytics tools and Google Analytics so that merchants can know how well their website is working and how effective their promotions are.
  • Others
    It includes:

    • Latest version of Zend 1 framework
    • Redis integration
    • Modification to full page caching
    • Quality enhancements

Magento Mobile Software Development Kit for iOS

The new Magento mobile software development kit lets the enterprise edition store owners to develop the fully featured iOS app which includes all the features needed for the business. Some of those features include customer accounts, store credits, check out process, promotions and API to connect the app to the Magento store, to name a few.
The SDK has got the library full of resources which help merchants to develop the custom iOS app on Magento with less development cost and time to market. A sample is provided to merchants to learn how to use SDK.

Automated Functional Testing Framework

The enterprise and community edition merchants have got access to 170 automated functional tests which help them increasing the speed of the entire testing process when adding, customizing or upgrading extensions.

New Relic Partnership

The leading software analytics provider, New Relic is now a Magento Gold technology partner. With this, customers can make personalized dashboards in order to track Magento order activity, installed modules, average order value and catalog size, to name a few.

Lagrange Systems Partnership

Lagrange systems is an another Magento Gold technology partner which helps to improve the performance of the web applications and availability in cloud deployments so that irrespective of their host providers, merchants can provide a pleasant experience to their customers.
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