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Xcode 4.2.1
SQLite Framework

About Client

The client is a leading systems integration company that offers a variety of services spanning all the industry verticals.

Business Challenges

The client required a Master Data Management App for an effective master data management in order to keep the enterprise clean of bad data. This appeals the client’s BU team to work in conjunction with external data in themash-up application.


Within 5 months of thespan, the Brainvire team came with an iPad-based solution which caters the need of effective data management.Siperian base hub module was used for fetching more data responses.Brainvire developers implemented the screen design using storyboard framework integrated with iOS 5.0.A third party library called as Graphkit library is used to implement graphs for a tree-like structure for handling different data segments.The solution is designed and developed for future enhancements keeping in mind the security, scalability and complexity of massive data.


  • Data entities and relationships management module
  • Customer connections management
    • Customer details management – add, edit and delete.
    • Customer’s geo-location access using geo-fencing technology
    • Access to updates/news about customers
    • Communication with the customer via email/phone/Skype etc.
  • Access to sales representatives to find customers details for call/visit.
  • Comprehensive search, location-based search etc.


  • The application facilitates the organisation with clean data, thus the corporate efficiency is increased.
  • BU team is empowered with arobust and full-fledged solution which can incorporate external data with an ease.
  • Location based search functionality enabled thesales team to reach to many customers within short time span in an organised manner, not a haphazard way like running here now and going there after sometime.
  • Better and clean data management enabled the system to monitor employee’s performance with more effective and transparent way.
  • High performance and speed in client communication and data management.
  • The tree view structure ensured the system’s future scalability in terms of more customer reach.