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nopCommerce: The Software That’s Making eCommerce Development Effortless

Categories : Article, Dot Net Development, Ecommerce Development

As the trend to buy the things at fingertips is picking up the pace, many entrepreneurs are thinking to hop onto the eCommerce bandwagon with eCommerce app development. There is a lot of noise in the eCommerce realm and countless online stores are burgeoning in the market.

The best minds wanted to shape their unique idea into fully-fledge eCommerce store before anyone does. Presently, there are many eCommerce software available that enable eCommerce development using plugins and extension without much coding.

nopCommerce- - The Software That-'s Making eCommerce Development Effortless

nopCommerce is one of such open source eCommerce software that helps in crafting fully customizable eCommerce solutions on-the-fly. It is packed with best front-end templates and robust administration back-end that gives phenomenal flexibility and control in the hands of eCommerce owners.

This is the reason, nopCommerce enjoy the virtue of having trusted by over 25,000 store owners, downloaded more than 1,500,000 times and 2.5% market share among top sites.

The freemium solution with great community forum support is among the top 5 most downloaded applications provided by Microsoft Web Platform Installer. nopCommerce is an ASP.NET eCommerce solution that has many advantages over other software.

Now, let’s take a look at the nopCommerce features that helps eCommerce owners to build the online store they want:

1) Mobile Commerce:

To reach the larger audience, eCommerce stores need to get available on every possible device that the customers use. Here, nopCommerce assures that the responsive eCommerce store interface is viewable with best design on every digital device. Without requiring any extra development or add-ons, eCommerce can drive business across all channels, no matter what device customers are using.

2) Product Features:

To describe the product on the product description page, nopCommerce provide myriad of attributes such as quantity, size, price, weight, image and stock level, and allow more custom attributes addition at ease. Moreover, product comparison feature enable side by side comparison of all the features, which removes the guess work and odds of adding the selection to cart.

3) Checkout:

After product selection, the next step is checkout. The easy the checkout is, less will be the chances of cart abandonment. This is the reason eCommerce stores prefers guest checkout, or one-page checkout alongside multilingual and multicurrency support, SMS notifications and configurable product measures. NopCommerce provides all such variety of checkout options along with unique features that make the customer experience better, increase revenue and uplift conversion rate.

4) Payment Method:

The last step of checkout- payment gets done swiftly, if eCommerce accept the payment through all major credit cards, debit cards, wallets. nopCommerce enable eCommerce stores to accept the payment from over 50 payment gateways. It’s better for eCommerce stores to accept the money the way customers wanted to pay.

5) Shipping:

Getting the product right at the doorstep is the thing that pushes customers to buy online. NopCommerce allow the online stores to ship the product, and estimate shipping fee, time and availability based on certain criteria. Plus, customers are allowed to track the shipment in real-time.

6) Marketing:

Reward point system, social media integration, discounts/offers, gift cards, related product display and product review/ratings are the best tools that can turn a visitor into a potential shopper, if implemented aptly. nopCommerce provides a range of marketing tools that allure new customers, heighten loyalty and improve social outreach of the eCommerce store.

7) Multi-store and Multi-vendor Support:

Just like a shopping mall owner, eCommerce store can also create multiple online stores with different front-end that’s managed from single administration panel. Even, customers can login to all multiple stores using the same credential. The multiple vendors may also get dedicated administration panel from where they can operate their stores without any interference. NopeCommerce supports both multi-store and multi-vendor feature.

Wrap up
Leveraging nopCommerce- the ASP.NET shopping cart, well known retailers like- Reebok, Volvo, DHC, Regan and more have built scalable eCommerce store. The nopCommerce stores from showcasing of products to checkout provides best services to the customers. Translate your idea into reality with Shopping Cart Development and inch closer to success.

Brainvire team excel in ASP.NET open source eCommerce Shopping Cart Solution development by using in-depth knowledge and rich experience of engineering eCommerce stores.

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