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About product

The product isonline Ad publishing portal for media professionals like publishers, advertisers and photo-stock producers.

Business Challenges

The client required an application which can act as a medium portal where publishers can register themselves and offer avariety of medium for ads. The portal should provide an access to photo-stock producers for various image needs of advertisers. At the same time, Advertisers can enrol themselves with the different products and find suitable advertising medium and images to showcase the products. The revenues earned by publishers and producers should be directly calculated with the share of theclient.


The Brainvire team came up with fully functional web portal which is built on PHP and MySQL Server. The front-end development was implemented in FLEX to develop all crucial business layer features of Publisher, Advertiser and Photo Stock producer.Efficient JavaScript was incorporated to handle different types of contextual video, music, search and images. All the payment transactions were handled on thesecure port (HTTPS) and all necessary precautions were taken to make all the monetary transactions fully secure.


  • Fully functional and highly secure Ad publishing web portal
  • Robust integration with different payment gateways
  • Efficient revenue calculation module for the client
  • Effective Flex applications integration
  • Efficient searching mechanism

  • For Publishers
  • Full-fledged and payment integrated functionality
  • Special account handling functions
  • Accurate revenue model implementation
  • For photo-stock producers
  • Efficient display and posting of every kind of contextual images
  • Precise payment integration with advertisers
  • For Advertisers
  • Access to different plans from different publishers
  • An image hover on publisher page shows the advertisers’ ad
  • Access to photo-stock platforms
  • Account management with various payment systems
  • Accurate payment process according to the measures like effective views and visits


  • The one stop solution has bounded publishers, photo-stock producers and advertisers in one string.
  • The advertiser doesn’t have to go with aconversation with each publisher, a portal suffices all advertisement-publisher communication needs.
  • Publisher’s marketing cost is decreased and revenues are increased because of the portal.
  • Same way for producers, they got abigger exposure to showcase their abilities to different advertisers.
  • Secure and robust payment integrations have achieved the trust in the portal.
  • The solution is highly scalable because it is designed with future scope kept in mind.