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About Client

The Client is a prestigious name amongst retailing companies in India. With awards and accolades at national and international levels, they have more than 70 stores across 35 cities. They also have a number of sister stores that trade accessories and merchandises of scores of variety. With an e-store launched earlier and a mobile app launched recently, they have pursued an Omni-channel strategy for success.

Business Challenges

The client being a significant name in the retail market has a huge website. Due to a large number of users and the simultaneous utilization of resources, the performance of their website had degraded considerably. The website was slow with poor loading time, and their online presence was declining, leading to a protracted deterioration in business. In addition, they required a new Purchase Order system for their vendors to order products and merchandises and get the invoice in return.


After understanding their problem, our team convened to provide a complete overhaul to their system. The overall performance was tuned through load balancing, identifying and removing bottlenecks, and MySQL database tuning. We developed a vendor-based Purchase Order system using one of the most popular and flexible e-commerce CMS, Magento which facilitated smaller vendor-stores to send Purchase Order to the client through a, and receive the appropriate invoice.


  • Page-loading time is substantially reduced
  • Database performance tuned by load balancing
  • A new Purchase Order system increased the client orders
  • Entire workflow is now system managed
  • Vendors can now easily send purchase orders through a vendor-panel login


  • Overall site performance exceled by decreased page-load time
  • An efficient and well-organized vendor-based Purchase Order system
  • MySQL database performance tuned by load balancing