Jeweler eCommerce Site Leverages Adobe Migration

Larson's Website Performance And Efficacy Are Improved Through Brainvire's Adobe Commerce Cloud Migration.

Jeweler eCommerce Site Leverages Adobe Migration
Jeweler eCommerce Site Leverages Adobe Migration

About Project

The most important thing that Larson Jewelers does, which they've been doing for decades, is making wedding bands. Tungsten rings, superb palladium wedding bands, and platinum, and white gold wedding bands are all coming back into the modern ring market. They contacted Brainvire to improve the quality of the user experience, and we subsequently converted their Magento platform to the Adobe Commerce cloud system.

What we did

They boosted the speed and performance of their website by using Brainvire's migration solution, which increased the percentage of customers who did not leave the website after visiting it. As a result of the incorporation of B2B add-ons, the B2B features were also a perfect match for native applications rather than pointless third-party additions. Moreover, this was possible. In addition, we've made sure that customers may now use the Adobe Commerce platform to schedule content in accordance with their preferences. Customers can engrave their unique designs into rings using the LASER technology offered by our Ring Engraving Customization option.

Tech Stack

  • Affirm
  • Azure DevOps
    Azure DevOps
  • Bitbucket
  • Bolt Checkout
    Bolt Checkout
  • Braintree
  • CSS 3
    CSS 3
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL
  • Odoo
  • Paypal
  • WordPress




Recommendation of a product: Adobe commerce cloud's backend provides automated product recommendation rules.



As a result, we ensured that the brand could manage a significant amount of data better than Magento open source. Because of the Adobe commerce cloud, the client is able to render features like Store Credit, Product Recommendations, and B2B solution. Using the Adobe Commerce platform, the customer may plan out their content whenever it's most convenient for them to do so. Furthermore, admins and users may preview content with Content Staging before it goes live, giving them complete control over the staging process. In addition, we introduced a request for Quote, Shared Catalog, and Company Workflow to serve B2B customers.

Client Testimonials

Aaron Srun
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They have a professional approach and a strong understanding of the business. The team invested themselves dedicatedly, worked on changing developmental needs, and have good communication skills.
Aaron Srun
Project Manager - Larson Jewellers
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Their team has a strong understanding of the jewelry business and a professional approach. Brainvire took the time to invest and dedicate themselves to the project. Their communication was very strong. They have the capacity to handle many different types of development.

Aaron Srun
Project Manager, Larson Jewelers
4 years ago