Digital Marketing for a Leading Dental Chain

It’s a group of 10 dental facilities in different locations and different specialties which needed web traffic and conversion.

Digital Marketing for a Leading Dental Chain
Digital Marketing for a Leading Dental Chain

About Project

Brainvire revamped the digital platform to increase brand awareness and conversion rates. The client is a renowned US-based dental business. Brainvire team redesigned all the websites backed by SEO and increased mobile speed. Brainvire also created local business pages for all different clinics.

What we did

The major concern of the client was a lack of centralised management of 9 different micro websites targeting different locations. So Brainvire, streamlined the management and online presence of dental websites. We made the SEO friendly websites and helped the client setup the Analytics and Google My Business pages properly. Targeting location-based keyword and running region-specific ad campaigns fetched a good amount of conversions and traffic to the websites.

Tech Stack

  • CSS 3
    CSS 3
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL
  • PHP 5
    PHP 5
  • WordPress




SEO optimization- Brainvire’s designers revamped the website and optimized SEO for increased visibility. They also created Google local business pages and optimized them with geo-targeted keywords.



The client wanted to create brand awareness for each of its different clinics based in separate locations. They wanted to increase website traffic to garner footfall at the clinics. The website was revamped with increased mobile speed and search engine optimization to improve search rankings. SEO efforts were made by targeting region-specific keywords. Google’s local business pages were created for every location. Brainvire experts helped to decrease bounce rates and keywords started to rank in the first 5 search engine results.

Client Testimonials

Shalin Shah
Over time, we developed interpersonal relationships and considered them part of our team. I was impressed with the work we were able to produce with them.
Shalin Shah
CIO - Encore Dental
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The new CRM has been praised by relevant internal stakeholders. Brainvire Infotech Inc is a thorough development team with excellent business knowledge.

Shalin Shah
Director of IT, Encore Enterprises
2 years ago
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