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LDS Tithing Reports

LDS Tithing Reports is a mobile application developed for the followers of Latter Day Saint (LDS) Church. It will encourage them to donate ‘tithe’ (10% of annual income) for noble causes. App users can record and manage their expenses while paying the ‘tithe’ amount regularly. The income and donations can be tracked by using the application, and the financial reports can be exported for taxation purposes. The app also provides a backup/restore option for users who have lost their phones or are upgrading to a new one.
Platform/OS Mobile
Category Education


The mobile application is useful in recording the routine expenses and income of users who can then calculate the tithe amount to be paid. They can set reminders so that the deadline of paying these taxes are not missed. The detailed expense sheets can be exported from the application for filing the tax returns. Furthermore, the backup/restore option will ensure that users don’t lose access to their financial data even if their phones are lost or damaged. They can retrieve the data on new phones as well. The application has proved to be useful tool for encouraging donations and social work.

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