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East Coast Sirens is a vibrant eCommerce marketplace that promotes over 2,500 unique products from 200 artists and vendors. Managing consignments for such a vast and diverse collection required perfecting shipping operations and enabling data accessibility. The brand’s mission is to continue connecting talented creators with appreciative consumers.

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The eCommerce marketplace wanted streamlined order management to deliver cost-effective shipping solutions and bring visibility to vendor payments.


We planned to seamlessly implement Odoo 17 to generate quick and accurate consignment reports. As an Odoo Partner, we ensured all teams could access accurate data to accelerate orders and establish transparency.

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Efficient Consignment Items Listing

We optimized Odoo’s features to streamline the listing and selling of consignment items online. This enhancement allowed for efficient tracking and management of consignment inventory, reducing manual errors and improving accuracy. The automated processes facilitated timely updates.

Better Preparedness For Peak Seasons

We utilized Odoo’s inventory management tools to better prepare for peak seasons. By tracking seasonal inventory and streamlining sales processes, we ensured smooth operations even during high-demand periods. This proactive approach allowed for timely replenishment and optimized stock levels.

Accurate And Timely Deliveries

We enhanced the shipping process with automated dimension and weight calculations using Odoo’s integrated features. This led to precise and cost-efficient shipping, minimizing manual errors and streamlining operations. By ensuring accurate and timely deliveries, customer satisfaction significantly improved. 

Enhanced Online Brand Presence

Our team utilized Odoo’s website builder to improve the business’s online presence, increasing website traffic, search engine rankings, and sales. The enhanced online brand presence attracted more customers and boosted the business’s visibility in the competition. 

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Turn Visitors Into Your Loyal Followers

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