A Rare Industry Steps into eCommerce Realm

Brainers developed a Magento eCommerce platform and Adobe Commerce integration for an exceptional aluminum-fabric-related industry.

A Rare Industry Steps into eCommerce Realm
A Rare Industry Steps into eCommerce Realm

About Project

The future of aluminum fabric is bright as this Fortune 500 powerhouse has revolutionized ordinary spaces into comfortable living spaces by providing its customers with excellent products to meet any home need. So they wanted to step into the digital space with a retail store development that’s useful and striking at the same time!

What we did

Brainers got insights into the client's goal and helped them create an eCommerce platform to fit their needs with advanced tools. With the Adobe Target & Analytics integration, Brainers' team gave the brand smooth access to data on demand and insights about which products are most popular among different customer segments to make better business decisions moving forward! All this was possible through we being the best magento development agency

Tech Stack

  • Adobe Analytics
    Adobe Analytics
  • Adobe Experience Platform
    Adobe Experience Platform
  • Adobe Target
    Adobe Target
  • Jira
  • Oracle
  • Zoho




First Step in the Digital Space: As early adopters, the brand took its first step into the digital space with a Magento eCommerce platform and Adobe Commerce Cloud.



Brainers offered the best of both worlds: customers can enjoy seamless navigation on the website, and the brand can provide a quick consultation to buyers and architects. The advanced Adobe functionalities facilitate lucrative insights into the brand. At the same time, customers have a better idea about the wide range of products that the brand offers, and they can now choose the right product with appropriate functionality and look suitable for their home. Brainers surely outdid themselves for this brand!

Client Testimonials

Patricia Walters
They help us coordinate the right skill sets, teams, and activities in order to get the job done. They transferred our platform assets, such as our servers, workstations, and databases, into their managed cloud services environment.
Patricia Walters
Founder and CEO - Creative LLC
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They handle all their work with a personal touch, which encourages a continued long-term partnership. Their deliverable are reliable thanks to vigorous QA testing. I would recommend Brainvire to anyone.

Mike Luhtanen
Founder, Creative LLC
2 years ago
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