Top US Medical Alert Systems replaced Salesforce

Replacing Salesforce, Odoo managed Subscription based prorated invoices, eCommerce, multiple address management of single customer, VOIP integrations

Top US Medical Alert Systems replaced Salesforce
Top US Medical Alert Systems replaced Salesforce

About Project

The replacement of Salesforce with Odoo has reduced the total cost of ownership for the client. It has simplified the complex workflow and escalated the customer engagement graph significantly. E-signatures and 3PL order fulfillment are some of the striking modules of this digital platform. Overall, it serves as a perfect omnichannel experience and can be replicated for any retailer.

What we did

It allows users to configure the security codes of Lockbox and the location of the ‘Vial of Life’. Parents’ and elders’ profile information can be managed through a dashboard and their current medical conditions can be updated on a regular basis. A live chat functionality enables users to get in touch with a dedicated customer support portal that operates 24/7. An e-commerce module is also a part of this app. Odoo ERP managed subscription services and revamped the service by adding various features like upgrade downgrade, pro rated invoice and integrated Sharpen VoIP with the system replacing Salesforce.

Tech Stack

  • DCL
  • Magento 2.3.X
    Magento 2.3.X
  • MySQL
  • Odoo
  • PostgreSQL
  • Python
  • Sharpen




Easy management of different types of product subscription packages.



The digital platform has streamlined the sale of a wide range of products such as burglar alarm systems, fire alarm systems, night vision security cameras, and remote access and management. Users (sales executives) can export delivery orders, import carrier tracking numbers from 3PL service providers to Odoo, and do much more at the backend level. Last but not least, the system is integrated with different third-party entities like Podium Reviews, Jasper, and AvaTax.

Client Testimonials

Andy GinjupalliPlay
The app has supported continued business growth, and it has attracted artists from various geographic regions. Brainvire Infotech excels at collaborating with start-ups. They offered valuable, informative suggestions throughout the entire timeline.
Andy Ginjupalli
President - Bay Alarm Medical
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The capabilities enabled by the design of the new website have saved the client an incredible amount of money and time, more than paying for the cost of the project itself and pleasing company stakeholders. The Brainvire Infotech team is creative, responsive, and flexible to changing requirements.

Andy Ginjupalli
President, Bay Alarm Medical
2 years ago
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