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Smart and Powerful SaaS-based BI Application Helps Multiple Industries Experience Business Profitability

Brainvire - BI Application for Business Profitability

About Client

The client is a serial entrepreneur who has a vision of empowering all businesses with cutting-edge Business Intelligence (BI) tools. He partnered with Brainvire to transform his vision into reality by developing a SaaS solution for different industries like automotive, retail, healthcare, and many others.

About Product

The web platform is a powerful reporting tool and can be used by businesses belonging to any industry. It has been developed by the skilled expertise of Brainvire’s data scientists and in-house experts. The tool can generate resizable, colorful and animated circular and oval Venn diagrams. The represented data tends to be immutable, large in volume, ordered by time and is primarily aggregated for access. It represents a history of what happened, and using predictive analytics, the system can predict what may happen in the future or establish operational thresholds for the system. This helps the end-users make profitable decisions quickly. They can also zoom in from graph mode to data segment and pay careful attention to all the details. Additionally, ElasticSearch ensures that search results are delivered to users at a lightning-fast speed. Last but not least, all changes in the database are reflected in the user interface in real-time.

How we did it ?


Stunning Graphical Representation of Data

Decision-makers can view the data they want in an easy-to-understand graphical format with multiple colors.

Limitless Flexibility and Scalability

The SaaS-based business model makes the platform extremely flexible and scalable according to business needs. Organizations from small startups to large multinational players will get the same benefit from this business intelligence software.

Better Forecasting

By analyzing different types of metrics, the executive leadership can be well-prepared to meet the future market demand of their niche.

Automatic Data Segmentation

All data is automatically segmented (categorized) in the form of topic, sub-topic, or as per the client’s requirements.

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