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About Project

Since 1951, this wholesale sign supplier has been renowned for its product quality and unwavering customer service. The wholesale sign supply business started in Omaha, NE, and has grown to be well-regarded throughout the United States. The brand is well known for its screen printing and heat transfer printing services. Revamping its digital marketing strategies enabled it to improve its sales conversions drastically.

  • Wholesale sign supplier

  • North America


Business Goal

Our business goal was to position the brand as the leader in wholesale sign supplies by establishing a distinctive digital presence and driving sales growth. Thus, we aimed to lower the cost per click and enhance conversion rates by implementing effective SEO strategies with industry-leading practices

Project Highlights

  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Paid Marketing
  • Brand awareness strategies
  • Search Engine Optimization Solution

Key Challenges and Solutions

Minimal Organic Traffic

The brand was unable to attract visitors who were looking for quality services

Conducted A Thorough SEO Audit

We completely investigated the on-page, off-page, and site structures and identified the issues plaguing search engine visibility.  By helping high-quality content from the website reach relevant visitors, we improved the website’s visibility in SERPs. Visitors continued to stay longer on the site, reducing the bounce rate.

Low Search Rankings

The search engine visibility suffered because the content didn’t align with the SEO strategy

Crafted Resonating Content For Targeted Keywords

Our comprehensive keyword research eliminated irrelevant keywords, focusing on those aligned with search intent. Also,  through content optimization efforts, we ensured an increase in organic traffic from the selected keywords. We positioned the brand as an authoritative and trustworthy expert, making people come to the website by already knowing about the brand.

High Costs Per Click

Paid marketing costs did not give the intended marketing efforts the desired return on investment

Executed Cost-Efficient Advertising Campaigns

Our team curtailed high marketing costs by converting wasteful ad spending into useful and profitable clicks. Moreover, our targeted high-impact marketing campaigns improved sales and leads among the ideal target audience. Thus, the brand benefited from optimal spending on innovative ads that captured attention, drove visits, and ultimately increased conversions.

Low Conversion Rates

Visitors did not find the content attractive enough to navigate and click through

Implemented effective CRO Techniques

We implemented industry-leading CRO techniques to make the website an exciting, engaging, and action-promoting place. Due to the slowness and complexity of the previous user interface, visitors never stayed longer on the website. We improved bounce rates and time on the page and boosted the conversion rate.

Our Approach

We revised the keyword strategy and revamped the user interface and experience to showcase what’s in it for the visitors about the brand’s offering.



The website and SEO audit uncovered and fixed the issues preventing search engine visibility.


We optimized the content to connect with the audience’s interest to grab attention and conversions


By implementing well-known CRO techniques, we turned visitors into paying customers.


We maximized ad spending with intriguing and well-worded ads on relevant channels for high conversions.

Technology Stack

List of Tech-stacks

Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Google Adwords

Google Adwords

Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Google Adwords

Google Adwords

Key Results

  • Increased Organic Traffic

    By applying SEO changes, the website’s organic traffic saw a growth of 11.12% in a month
  • Optimized keyword strategy

    Revising the keyword strategy saw an uptick of 8.8% in the relevant visits to the website
  • Reduced cost per click

    Another achievement was the reduced CPC by 7.5% in a month on paid advertisements
  • Increased conversion rate

    By implementing A/B testing and other CRO strategies, the client saw 12% CRO increase in a month

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Get Conversions With Custom Digital Strategies

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