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SEO For Car Dealership Website To Increase Web Leads & Traffic

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About Client


The client finances the cars in UTAH especially for people with credit issues. They help people with bad credits to get back on their feet with a reliable car that they can afford. They have short terms for loans and it’s easy to pay back. They have a whole listing for used cars and customers can buy and pay via the website itself.

Client Requirement

Client required that the website be a channel to sell used cars and also provide users with car loans with easy terms and conditions. Credit history or bankruptcy will not get in the way. The website also finances the car purchases. This is a sales channel and client demanded an increase in car sales and improve the traffic to the website. They also were looking for a social media plan for spreading the word and increasing popularity.

The type of business needed to be taken into account and the local customer base taped from various internet resources. Establishing a presence over the internet required proper planning, extensive research and adequate knowledge of Digital marketing methods. Marketing plans that included Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) was prepared.

The very specific client requirements were:
  • Driving web traffic to the ecommerce site using SEO organically.
  • Keyword research to target the right audience for all the stationary products.
  • Social Media Marketing to increase popularity and build brand reputation.
  • Increase sales of the products organically.
  • Search Engine Ranking for all the major keywords selected.
  • On page activities for content and HTML optimization.
  • Local SEO plan was implemented to ensure that the business gets maximum local exposure.
  • Link building Campaign setup for establishing a presence on web and improving search rankings.


Marketing the products via the right channels to the right kind of audience required thorough
market research and planning. The following challenges needed to be addressed with this project:
  • Thorough keyword research was required for targeting the marketing plans to the right audience.
  • Improving web traffic organically.
  • Improving sales was a challenge.
  • Improving search engine rankings for many categories of the Website
  • A social media marketing plan needed to be created for a targeted reach to the right customers.
  • Establishing online presence required SEO planning and strategizing.
  • Driving local traffic was a challenge.
  • Google Local Optimization needed to be implemented accordingly.


Project Manager1
Project Leader1
SEO Executives3
Content Writer1


Digital Marketing and promotion plan for the website included optimizations For On Page, Off page, Social Media etc.

The following Digital Marketing plan was executed for marketing the website:

On-Page and Off-Page SEO Plan:
  • Title Tags, Description Tags and Keyword Tags were all updated with the appropriate keywords for every page.
  • Powerful keywords selected for all pages
  • H1 to H6 tags added
  • Site was checked for broken links and redirected pages
  • Directory Submission to the popular directories was carried out.
  • Top social bookmarking websites were targeted for website promotions
  • Local SEO
  • Google Local Promotions were implemented for targeting local customers for the website.

Social Media Marketing

  • The power of social media was used for gaining the right visibility.
  • Social media pages for the website were created on the websites that have a lively community of users.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Twitter and Google+ profiles were maintained on a daily basis and ongoing interactions between visitors were kept lively.
  • Potential of other powerful social sites like stumbleupon and pinterest were harnessed to gain more popularity and to drive more traffic to the website.

Achievements Highlights

Website traffic saw an instant upward trend. The website also saw an improvement in rankings. The car sales and loans also increased. The business saw profits and higher customer conversions from the website traffic. The highlights of the results are:

  • Increased traffic to the website.
  • Ranking for the website increased.
  • Accurate planning for social media promotions helped the website gain a larger fan base and hence gain more and more popularity with online shoppers.
  • Improved Visibility for the business via social media. This helped drive more traffic to the website and direct customers too.
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