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About Client

Our client is a leading retailer that stocks and sells a myriad of outdoor activity related products such as clothing, footwear, accessories, beauty, first-aid, grocery and electronics. SmartWool, Columbia, Arc'teryx, Lole, Darn Tough and more are the brands of which the products are sold.

Business Challenges

The unique idea of selling the products which are associated with outdoor activity through a physical store, cannot be taken before the world. The client wanted to gain the share of the worldwide wanderlusts who are interested in outdoor activities like hiking and camping, and buy the needed accessories for the same.
With a brick-and- mortar store, it was implausible. To translate the vision into reality, he wanted to build a one-stop shop where all the outdoor gear and apparel can be found at ease.


The Ecommerce solution as a single destination for outdoor gear and apparel was developed where outdoor activity lovers can browse and buy the products they want.


  • Top brands are listed whose products customers can browse and buy
  • Outdoor activity products are categorized for men, women and kids
  • The products associated with hiking and camping are listed
  • Customers can track the order status
  • Live chat support for good customer assistance
  • Custom filters to ease the product search
  • Different offers are displayed
  • Best theme is designed and integrated
  • Multi-vendor store set up
  • Products are imported from the existing system
  • Reward points are given to the customers on every purchase they made


The client wanted us to create the functionality with which the customers can easily view the product either by brand or category at the front-end.
There are 20,000 products that are listed under 17,000 categories. The products have to be assigned to the categories at the back-end, but when the products are manually assigned, it was taking around 30 minutes that’s quite long and arduous as well.
To reduce the time, our team has created a dynamic category extension that automatically assigns the categories to the product and make the process plain-sailing.


  • Increase the traffic volume of outdoor activity lovers
  • Reward point upsurge the sales volume
  • Improved customer engagement
  • Appealing UI provides consistent customer experience
  • Attractive offers grab the customers’ attention
  • Build the reputation as a unique outdoor gear and apparel seller