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Web App Development

About Client

Since 1995, the USA based client is running a successful business of suspension and steering parts for all types of the cars, their models, and sub-models. The quality parts are sold and delivered to the various states of the USA.

Business Challenges

With offline selling, the business reach was limited and fewer people are aware of the one-stop shop to get all the parts of the vehicles under one roof. Additionally, manual ordering and transactions eat a lot of time. The client wanted to optimize the business processes and extend the business to a whole new level with the digital presence.


The responsive Magento application was developed that enable the people across the USA to search and order the parts of the vehicles based on the year, vehicle make, model and sub-model in a few clicks. Also, the multi-store multi-websites were developed with a same codebase so that they can run from a single back-end.


  • Display the vehicle parts category-wise in the list-view
  • Enable the search of the vehicle parts for any year, brand, and model
  • Product price and features are displayed on the product list page itself
  • Custom filters ease the parts searching
  • Customers can add the products to the cart and the wish list
  • The ordered products can be tracked anytime, anywhere
  • Single page checkout
  • Large volume of data is handled with a great ease


  • Searching the vehicle parts becomes easy
  • Intuitive UI makes the website navigation handy
  • Responsiveness enables the users to order the product on-the- go
  • Business reach and customer base are increased
  • Revenue grows by two folds
  • Saves the time and efforts involved
  • Enabled the business to gain an edge in the digital race