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About Client

The US based client successfully run B2C and B2B business. Initially, client embarked on online retailing journey and start selling lighting products and furniture. After successfully running the online business, the company phase out the retail operations and decided to help other retailers by engineering a customized Ecommerce solution leveraging the company’s wide knowledge in online sales and web design. The company has portfolio of big brands, and develop, design and manage the excellent online solution that let retailers focus on their core business, instead of getting stuck into technical issues.

Business Challenges

In B2C business, the client have a Magento extension with which loads of products are imported and indexed. The indexing of all the products at the back-end is essential to display the products on front-end, but it was time-consuming due to which the products cannot be showcased on the website in real-time. This reason is not letting the company to add new products or launch marketing campaigns as per the changing market. The company turned to Brainvire to reduce the time, the extension was taking in indexing and thereafter displaying the product on the front-end.


Brainvire team expertise helped the company to display the products that they are updating in bulk from the back-end to showcase on front-end in real-time. The team mainly did the customization of Magento extension module to improve the default Magento indexing thereby the products get shown at speed.


  • Re-indexing of products
  • Dynamically changing the marketing campaigns
  • Displaying the products at front-end swiftly


After the customization of Magento extension module, the products are not displaying on the front-end. The thorough research and support from extension provider enabled the team to know that Flat table was disabled. After enabling the Flat table, the products are displayed on the front-end in real-time.


  • Display products to the customer in a matter of seconds
  • The company can keep pace with changing trends and demands
  • Launch the marketing campaign at right time
  • A lot of time and efforts are saved
  • B2C retail operations optimized
  • Efficiency and efficacy of the B2C services is improved