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About Client

The client is a global leader in business software development for varied industry verticals such as retail, manufacturing, distribution or services. The range of solutions from ERP to the SCM software is offered that drives the business towards prosperity and growth. In the span of 40 years, over 2 million solutions are delivered to the enterprises across 150 countries.

Business Challenges

The industry-leading IT company has analyzed the gap between traditional Ecommerce and other sales channels where customers cannot interact and transact with their favorite retail brands in a seamless fashion across multiple channels. To bridge the gap, the client wanted to build an Ecommerce platform that communicates with various channels like- store POS, Kiosk, mobile device, social media or call centers and enables retailers to personalize the shopping experience across all the channels to increase the customer loyalty, sales, and revenue.


The Magento Ecommerce solution was developed that automate the online shopping experience and improve the engagement through personalized sales, targeted promotions, recommendation engines, contact centers with the integration of Merchandising and Enterprise Selling.


  • Enable Ecommerce store to manage the catalog
  • Provides powerful marketing tools
  • Search engine optimization
  • Tailor-made the website to unique business needs
  • Scalability to accommodate scaling products and traffic volume
  • Change the language, currency, and tax rates as per the location
  • Allow the mobile optimized store development
  • Third party payment gateway integration
  • Integration with Microsoft based home-grown ERP system for taxing, billing, and accounting
  • Integration with PoS system or customer orders


  • Allure more customers with convenience to shop
  • Transform the visitor into lucrative shopper
  • Ecommerce can sell the products in local language and currency without building different stores
  • Complement the business with mobile to grab the share of mobile users
  • Boost up the sales and revenue with exclusive features