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Web App Development

About Client

Our client owns an advertising company that act as a mediator between the USA merchants and the customers. The merchants can post the advertisements of three categories that includes services, charity and reverse classifieds. The company helped the merchants to improve the sales and allowed customers to view and buy the services/products.

Business Challenges

With existing advertising agency, the client is not able to serve the local businesses of wide domains.He analyzed that there are very few marketplaces in the USA that allows local merchants to display and sell the services, restaurants and goods deals. Due to this, merchants are not able to advertise the products and services efficiently, and have to spend a lot for the advertising.
To end up the problems that local merchants are facing, the client wanted to build an online marketplace where deals can be posted and sold in the easiest way.


The online Ecommerce marketplace was built to connect the USA merchants with millions of customers. The platform enable merchants to begin the online advertising at less prices, and customers can view the deal and buy them.


  • Customers can search the deals by category, location or keyword
  • Deals display the complete details of the vouchers
  • Customers can buy and send the gift cards to the friends that their friends can redeem
  • VIP gift cards automate the gift card redemption
  • Customers can directly buy the deals
  • Deals can be shared on social media or via email
  • Multi-level referral reward for referring the platform to a friend and affiliate functionality
  • Premium users can view the stats and report of the referrals earning using premium dashboard
  • Customers can reserve the deal by paying 20% of the deal’s purchase price
  • Customers can provide the reviews for the services/products
  • Vendors can manage the deals posted
  • Products can be imported in bulk with customized format
  • Customers can become the vendor by referring to themselves
  • Customers can refer other users to become a vendor and earn referral rewards using the same


The client wanted to incorporate the unique functionality of multi-level referral rewards where if Customer A refer the 10 people and these 10 people when again refer 15 people, then user referral level will get increased to the second level and Customer A would earn the commission of all sub-level users based on their transactions. And, this way Customer A’s level and earning would increase by manifolds. To implement the feature, customized functionality was developed.
Allowing the vendors to easily add the product and create advertisement, vendor panel is created using responsive GUI in bootstrap with Magento and data tables are used for dynamic grids.


  • Customers can easily view the deals available in the closed vicinity
  • Help merchants to showcase the deals to the large customer base
  • Connecting the merchants and customers hassle-free
  • Enhance the merchants’ sales and revenue
  • Going greener! Online vouchers are sold