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About Client

Our client is located in Woodbury, New York who operates a wholesale business of footwear and the sports goods. He is operating the store offline from where the goods are supplied to the retail stores across the USA. In a short span of 10 years, the business is generating annual revenue of 2 million dollars.

Business Challenges

The online stores are taking over traditional brick and mortar stores to sell everything online because the targeted customers can easily view and buy the products at ease.
The client has also analyzed the same thing that the wholesalers to whom he sells the range of products offline were not able to view the product images and its details.
He came up with an idea of taking his wholesale trade of sports goods to online that allow wholesalers to view and purchase the array of products for men and women in a few clicks. He teamed up with Brainvire to turn the unique idea into a B2B Ecommerce store.


The Magento B2B Ecommerce store was developed where the products to sell can be easily displayed from the Salewarp, and the wholesalers can register and shop the myriad of products such as shoes, clothing, luggage & bags, electronics, sporting goods, and health & beauty products.


  • Wholesalers can filter the product with item type wise, brand wise, department and size
  • Salewarp integration for inventory and order management using API
  • Data is stored in the database to list the product details using API
  • Products and categories’ attributes are created in the Salewarp
  • Products in the bulk and category details are fetched from Salewarp
  • Product quantity is updated in Salewarp when an order is generated on the Ecommerce
  • Product quantity validation is done dynamically when wholesaler enters the quantity
  • Automated price computation as customer enter the quantity of products
  • Different types of membership are assigned to the wholesalers based on the purchase they mak
  • Cost of the products vary for different types of wholesalers based on the membership rule
  • Orders and customers’ data are kept synced between Salewarp and Magento database
  • Free subscription for newsletter to inform about the new arrivals or any offer
  • Reviews about the product can be provided in the product detail page
  • Payment integration to enable online payment
  • One step checkout implementation


During the Ecommerce development, the major challenge was involved in the fetching of over 1 million records from Salewarp using Cron job process as there were a large set of products with multiple images for each variation in the configurable products. Our best minds defined a way and leveraged batch processing to fetch more than 1 million records seamlessly.


  • Viewing and buying the products becomes a breeze
  • Custom filters ease the product search
  • Easy checkout improved the wholesalers’ buying experience
  • Enhanced the products to sell outreach
  • Increase the sales and revenue