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About Client

The client is a foremost logistics service provider that help people to move the cargo in any corner of India with the range of over 600 GPS-enabled vehicles.

For more than 58 years, the load transportation ranging from small (10 kg) to the full truck loads alongside door pickups, storage, warehouse, doorstep delivery and other value added services are offered to the customers.

The client aimed to make the company as the most preferred choice for single-window cargo management & logistics services provider by 2020.

Business Challenges

The company is having multiple branches from where thousands of vehicles are transporting millions of loads. During cargo shipment from one place to another, a lot of processes are done.

Firstly, it is checked whether the freight to transfer belongs to one of the ODA location or not, if so, then with the third party company it’s brought to the warehouse. Afterwards, it’s picked up, a docket number is assigned, transit mode is chosen, route is decided, transit days are computed, and specific truck is allotted and then the load is transferred to the final destination.

In the complete process, managing the vehicles at different branches, tracking whether booked cargo shipment is picked-up, crossed the hub and delivered or not, and keeping records of the billing and transactions manually on the paper was inefficient, time-consuming and extremely taxing.

Heading on to the mission of enhancing the logistic services with seamless cargo management and quality supply chain management services, the client wanted us to build an online ERP solution that easily manages the transport operations, fleet compliance, cargo billing and transactions and HR records, and track the cargo in-transit.


The ERP solution was engineered that manage and keep a record of all the information and the processes involved in the cargo shipment that’s operational activities, transactions, fleet management, real-time tracking, and more.


  • Display the list of all the bookings made from the specific branch
  • Maintain a record of all the cargo shipments outward activities that includes branch from where it is shipped, truck number, weight of the load to transfer and route to follow
  • Manage the cargo shipment inward activities such as truck arrival, undelivered stock, delivery branch update
  • Payment, credit note, debit note, bill receipt, vouchers and inter-branch transaction details are stored in an organized manner
  • Truck number, type, permits, hire type and capacity, and driver’s category data can be easily viewed and managed
  • Customer queries, complaints made, tickets raised and their resolution status can be viewed and managed in a few clicks
  • With cargo shipment docket number, the fleets can be easily tracked
  • Containers listing for proper product weighing and barcode reading


  • Enhance the operational efficiency of the logistics business
  • Cargo shipment process can be easily administered and managed
  • Efficient Fleet management of different branches
  • Customer support services are improved
  • Maximize the resource utilization and ROI
  • Improve transparency in the cargo shipment
  • Ensure hassle-free load transfer
  • Control transport expenses with route management
  • Automated the business processes and services

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