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App Development

About Client

The Singapore-based client is a founder of the agricultural company where the grains are procured from India and trading is done in the international market. The company is highly known in the domestic market and on the global level for the quality, cost-effectiveness and timely delivery of the grains. The import and export grain business generate nearly 20 millions of revenue every year.

Business Challenges

The client has analyzed that there is a lot of demand for the grain import/export in the world that buyers want to purchase and similar is the case with sellers who want to sell but don’t find the buyers to sell the grain at affordable rates. He came up with an idea of connecting the buyers and sellers with the creation of the online platform, so they teamed up with Brainvire team.


The web and mobile applications are developed that enable the buyers and sellers to trade for the food grains. The app will act as a bridge where the sellers can place the bid for the food grains for sale and buyers can place the bid for the commodity they want to buy.


  • Reputed buyers can place the bid specifying the item’s quantity and price
  • Experts match the bid with best seller
  • Groups are created for the buyers and sellers where commodity to sell/buy matches
  • Legal certificates and other documents sharing related to trade will be done over the group
  • Buyers and sellers can communicate to proceed the trading
  • No online transactions are done
  • Notifications are sent to the buyers for pulses’ real-time updates
  • Sellers can place the bid for the commodity to sell by providing the details


  • Trading is possible in the real-time
  • Transformed the pulses physical trade
  • Traders will get the real-time updates about the fluctuation in the grain market