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Web App Development
.Net 3.5
Private Capital Market
MS SQL Server 2008

About Client

Leveraging the years of deep knowledge and experience in the private capital market, the client has founded a firm through which they can better inform and connect the people investing in private capital markets with the financial corporations (Investment Bankers, Private Equity Firms, Venture Capital Firms, Corporations and Lenders). The team has had great experience into private equity and growth capital firms, publicly traded companies and sell-side banks.

Business Challenges

The financial corporations like Investment Bankers, Private Equity Firms, Venture Capital Firms, Corporations and Lenders often sell the deals to raise the capital from the market. Here, they find difficulty in searching the potential customers to whom they can sell the deals effortlessly. Also, the buyers don’t have optimum information about the various deals of the capital market where they can make their investment. The client wanted to resolve the challenge that financial corporations and buyers were facing by providing a platform where the financial corporations can easily post, sell and manage the deals, and buyers can connect with them to invest in the right deals.


The online deal community platform was developed where the financial corporations can easily post and manage the deals, and can connect with the buyers across the globe.


  • The financial corporations can upload and promote the deals by providing its details
  • The financial corporations can connect with the buyers and execute the deal
  • Private equity companies firstly list their “Portfolio Companies” and then display the deals
  • Deals matching algorithm match the deal with the existing buyers’ requirements
  • The deal matching score shows the number of buyers looking for or searching for the same deal
  • Investment bankers push the deals into the system alongside its details such as deal size, geographic preferences, industries that the deal belongs to and certain documents
  • Investment bankers define the buyers’ access level based on the deals’ status
  • Buyers list is prepared through a quick search or by reviewing the best deal match scores
  • Deals can be shared with specific buyers or a buyers list
  • Deals can be sent to the entire group of private equity firms on the system via the “Listing Service”
  • Buyers and financial corporations can communicate via the emails that’s got saved in the app’s inbox
  • Data encryption and decryption for the deals management


Daily, millions of the deals are made between the buyers and financial corporations that generate huge amount of data and managing the loads of data was difficult where our best minds implemented the best logic and made the data handling easier. Also, the search for the deals is optimized so that the intended buyer who wants to buy a specific type of deal can easily find it or get the notifications for the same.


  • Buyers can easily find the deals, and connect with the financial corporations
  • Handy way to find the potential buyers with advanced search
  • Buyers can get the list of the deals they are looking for with no efforts
  • Deals management and execution become easier
  • Deals sharing and execution is secured