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About Client

The USA based client work with emerging brands and designers to amplify their growth, leveraging her 15 years of international sales and marketing experience with diverse industries. Also, her global media website knowledge helps smaller brands to get epic success.

Business Challenges

In the present scenario, the online brand, be it fashion, beauty or lifestyle wanted to upsurge the growth with the efficient marketing plan and the best strategies, but the lack of time and budget won’t allow them to search the bloggers or publishers and partner with them to increase the traffic and sales. This situation gives birth to a revolutionizing idea of creating a platform where the network of small companies can easily get connected with the publishers and experience the difference in the sales. So, the client gets teamed up with Brainvire to build the affiliate network solution.


The digital marketing platform was developed and designed that connects the online store with the media publishers to enhance the online exposure of the brands’ offerings or services and help them reach out to a new audience with a great ease. The portal has two types of users- retailers and publishers.


  • Brands can register and create the profile
  • Brands can decide and manage the association with any publisher
  • Publisher can also register and create the profile at their own
  • Publisher can send request to any brand to get associated with them
  • For confirmed sale, the brand has to pay the fixed percent commission to the publishers
  • Publishers can get the results that match with the different types of the media they publish
  • Publisher can view the transaction reports for the products’ sale
  • Transaction can be done in multiple currencies
  • Leveraged Twitter Bootstrap Package for best UI management
  • Suggestions are provided to the online store to build their brands


  • Increase the traffic and sales volume
  • Brands will get more exposure in less time
  • Make the brands inch closer to the growth
  • Give a leg up to the customer engagement
  • Connecting the brands with digital partners in less effort