Tips to enhance the performance of your PhoneGap application

By now all of us know the importance of PhoneGap application development. For all of you sitting out there who are not so aware of this, this one is for you. It is a framework which is used to build applications with the help of HTML. You need not be an extra ordinary developer to learn it. All you need to know is HTML and CSS, as that is all for developing the user interface of the app. PhoneGap is used to deploy the application to the various devices.

One of the best things about PhoneGap is that, it is 100 percent open source, so it can be used by anyone, free of cost. When you are aiming a lot of platforms, PhoneGap is the best option to choose, as it lets you build apps not only for Android, iOS and Windows, but also for BlackBerry, Symbian, Bada and WebOS. It can also be used hybrid applications with the help of native functionalities. Another good thing about it is that, you can reuse the code multiple times. In addition to that, it has extensive amount of functionalities like camera, contact, media, notification, accelerometer, compass, files, network, geolocation and storage, to name a few.

Most people are aware of the above mentioned benefits of PhoneGap applications, because of which they have started developing them for their business. However, just developing an app is not sufficient. You need to put some efforts to improve its performance. Well, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind for enhancing the performance of PhoneGap applications. So, let us take a look at some of the performance tips of PhoneGap applications.

Disable features

If you are developing an app on your device, the best way to make it load and run faster is by disabling all the features of your device which your app does not utilize. For example: your phone has got the geolocation feature, but you can disable it if your app doesn't need it. This can make it load faster.

Choose touch over click

Clicks take longer than touches to respond and users get annoyed even by a small delay when running an app. So, it is a good idea to choose 'touch' over 'click', unless you are using a phone which has got physical buttons.

Stick to one interface

A lot of people tend to combine interfaces. However, it is always a good idea to stick to one interface in order to get it loaded faster.

Choose CSS3 over JavaScript

It is easier and faster to code in CSS than in JavaScript. Also, it is good idea to choose CSS over JavaScript; especially when you are developing mobile application, as CSS works well with smart phones apps. JavaScript is good for desktop apps.

Test on device

Make sure you perform the test on the device on which on which it is going to be used. Only then, you will come across the flaws and errors which you can fix soon to enhance the performance.

Let us take a look at some business benefits of phone gap application :

Now that you are aware of some of the most important tips to enhance the performance of your PhoneGap application, it is advisable for you to remember as well as follow the above mentioned tips. Good luck for that!

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