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About Client

The client is a leading tax document automation software and services provider to enable the tax firms better handle large volumes of tax documents and standardize the tax preparation process. The firm that’s founded in 2002 has provided tax automation solutions to over 18,000 practitioners across the world. The company develops technology solutions and provide services that are used in the preparation of more than 1,600,000 tax returns. It promotes the tax workflows digitization and increase the accounting firms’ productivity.

Business Challenges

The company wanted to streamline the process for its application development practices by adapting Application lifecycle management (ALM) solution to better coordinate the flow of release, build, processes and information in an iterative cycle of software delivery activities.

They wanted to define the process of branching and merging process in a Microsoft team foundation server (TFS).

Alongside defining the process for the build automation, the client required the implementation of build automation to get the better delivery management.

Plus, need an automated system to check and track how changes to the applications are documented to reduce the manual efforts.


To fulfill the client’s requirements, the process Standardization, Project management practice and best code quality is used to get required results.


  • Different test plans are executed with great ease
  • Identify the KPI and KRA to check the project progress
  • Code generation using Code Smith and T4 templates
  • Different functionality executes as per different processes and Quality Gate
  • All the requirements merged into the TFS in the form of work items
  • Use of TFVC for version control system
  • Control the system through the Quality Gates
  • Set the build automation process
  • Following process has been defined and implemented in pilot projects
    • Requirement Management process
    • Project management Process
    • Change management process
    • Design Process
    • Build Process
    • Development Process
    • Branching And Merging Process
    • Code Quality Process
    • Testing Process
    • UAT Process


The first challenge our team found difficulty in identifying current processes and configurations implanted at clients’ premises.

The second emerged while configuration and implementation of new processes which the client can use across all projects and teams, and streamline its practices.

The third challenge popped up in the deployment of ALM in client premises and automation of software development activities.

The fourth challenge was in the creation of Build Architecture and setting up the process for build.


    • Increased efficiency
    • Improved collaboration
    • Enhanced organizational agility
    • Minimized maintenance
    • Improved resource utilization
    • Increased product quality
    • Branching and merging
    • Build process
    • Build quality indicators
    • Build success over time
    • Build summary
    • Functional and automation process
    • Performance and load testing process