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A Versatile Web-based Risk Management Application For Risk Assessment


About Client

The USA - based client is associated with energy industry providing business technical consulting and solutions. With the years of an experience serving the clients with best-in-class technology and engineering solutions, the client represents an independent consulting service provider for energy needs.

About Product

The existing system was using Risk Assessment program on MS Excel to perform a risk assessment of different projects. The client approached Brainvire for developing a web-based module to perform a risk assessment of different projects in an easy and versatile manner. The Risk Assessment Program Application is a comprehensive risk management module that allows users to login, create risk templates, perform risk assessments, calculate results, store risk data to be used for statistical weighting on future projects, and perform project risk simulations.

How we did it ?


User-Role Based Access Control

Role-based access control to access the resources based on the roles of the authorized users within an enterprise

Customizable Risk Templates

User can create the dynamic customized risk templates to perform risk assessment that is tailored to needs

Perform Risk Assessment Process Generate Assessment Reports

Comprehensive Risk Assessment Process that allows the user to generate different types of statistics and analytics reports such as bar chart, pie chart, risk tree, heat map, etc. based on the inputs.

Scalable to SaaS Base

This versatile risk management module maintains optimal performance levels to be used as SaaS- Software-as-a-Service’ in nearer future.

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