Website Design Basics – How To Design A Landing Page That Generate Leads?

Designing a website has become a vital thing for any small business willing to make a remarkable online presence, and landing page design is rapidly becoming an important element for any small business website. Today, having an effective landing page is one of the most important things for the small businesses in order to improve the conversion rate and generate leads for their website. This is the reason why many small businesses prefer to hire a website design company in India to get highly effective landing page for their website.

Landing page outstrips all the other web pages when it comes to capturing and converting leads from the website. Therefore, it is important that the website design company you hire in India pay enough attention while designing a landing page for your business website. Often many small businesses use their home page as a landing page, which doesn't help them convert leads into sales. So, how to design a landing page that convert leads into sales for your business?

Here're a few handy guidelines that you can follow:

Grab the attention of customers with the catchy headline

It is the most critical component of an effective landing page. Headlines are something that every visitor will notice first whenever he or she will land on it, and you will have just a few seconds to grab their attention. Therefore, it should easily showcase what your site going to bring to the users.

Try to make headlines that can easily reflect what your site is all about and
how it can help the users. Make it bold, prominent and full of compelling copy that speaks to benefits not features. Features are great but visitors will opt-in and/or answer your landing page call to action if they get something in return.

Leverage from the pictures

Online visitors love pictures and thus, it is always a good idea to include as many pictures as possible to draw the attention of the potential visitors. You can also cash the rising popularity of infographics to convey your message in an effective way. Infographics are a quick read and we can present information in a compelling way. Therefore, it is always beneficial to use pictures, PDF documents and other visual elements while designing a landing page.

Be careful while using call-to-action

Rather than making people or visitors run around the tree, it is important to include an appropriate call to action within the landing page that can encourage the visitors  if you fail to direct users whenever they land on your website, they will navigate to the other website. Therefore, try to be more careful while including a call-to-action within the landing page of your website.

Place the form above the fold

While designing a landing, it is important that you put the form at the front and center above the fold. It is important that you don't make users to scroll down as they won't like it, specifically if your copy is not compelling enough. If you can get them to read the headline and immediately opt-in on the form, then your landing page is optimized.

Apart from all these, you can also use social media buttons, contact information and other relevant information to make your landing page compelling enough to convert the leads into sales. Looking for an expert website design company in India? Get in touch with us now!

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