What is Asp. Net and PHP Development? Which one is better for App Development?

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Asp.net vs. PHP: Which one is better for App Development?

Choosing a suitable software solution for a new site is probably quite tricky. Although you may find programming languages or frameworks that fit well with previous projects, final choices should be consistent with ongoing requirements if possible.

There are many programming languages out there for web app development. However, the crux is finding the right technology for your project. 

programming languages Stats
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According to the latest research of Statista, these are the top programming languages that have intrigued the developers most. And among them, we will cover the most extensive languages— PHP and ASP.NET.

Before deciding to write, we conduct extensive research to determine a final decision. Web developers primarily aim to provide Web applications with scalability, integration, performance management, adaptability, and user experience.

Software Development Survey
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In this blog, we are comparing the hottest PHP and ASP.NET technologies in modern society. 

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On the other end, there’s a PHP application, a popular technology that millions worldwide use to create and develop websites. Microsoft backs ASP.NET.

Both techniques have proven incredibly successful and have produced many beautiful websites. Here we have the percentage of websites using both technologies. 

Comparison between ASP .NET and PHP

Percentage of using programming languages
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Companies starting a web development project often need to know what the best web development tools are? Each approach has some advantages.

Both PHP and ASP.NET are well-known among web development companies. However, the question remains unique to us all, especially those with no technical background, and asks the same questions: How can we start with web apps?

The decision between ASP.NET and PHP was always conflicting. How much better? I asked the programmer again he may find himself in a state of confusion. This debate continues today.

Scripting languages are prevalent. A second language is ASP.NET, with Microsoft being the backup provider capable of running on almost everything. NET support languages It’s your choice.

What Is PHP Development?

What Is Php Development?
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PHP is a recursive acronym for hypertext processors. It is a web development framework embedded in HTML. PHP is a good and straight application framework for an experienced developer and allows easy-to-understand programming methods.

PHP was initially developed for web development, so PHP comes first when thinking about web projects. PHP developers are provided with several open-source applications and libraries that allow easy and efficient web design.

PHP usage by websites across the globe
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(Overall PHP usages across the globe)

However, Many social media sites are written in PHP code. Therefore, the software is compatible with various web applications.

Moreover, clients enjoy the low-cost and faster app-building processes as many ready-made tools are available for purchase within the community.

Professional programmers primarily suit PHP due to its advanced feature set. This article will briefly present some of the best PHP frameworks that have widespread adoption.

What Is ASP .NET Development?

What Is ASP.NET Development?
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ASP.NET is an open-source NET platform based on Microsoft. It is free and open-source. The main difference in ASP-NET is how the code executes it.

Unlike PHP, the ASPNET language does not require programming. This underlying programming language uses C# to offer an opportunity to develop web applications. 

Aside from the library, it provides developers with several development toolkits that make it ideal for creating apps such as microservices, REST APIs and asp.net web pages.

ASP.NET platform growth
Image Source: Stack Overflow

As per the survey of Stack Overflow, the .NET framework has acquired remarkable growth over the years with 34.2% developers. 

Microsoft created ASP.NET for server-side web developers. This Framework provides Web Developer Tools for creating dynamic web applications for websites. The net framework uses. Languages and Visual Basic. NET Core, Javascript. Python is a standard programming language. This framework supports several versions.

What’s The Difference Between PHP And ASP.NET?

What's The Difference Between PHP And ASP.NET?
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Both ASP-NET and PHP-Framework are excellent for use, but they both have comparatively few disadvantages. We have decided on these questions based on our experiences with both frameworks in professional development.

If anyone wants to learn to build software for the Windows 10 platform, they should check out this review. PHP is an open-source platform with many advantages but few disadvantages.

We’ll compare both cares for the best result. Tell me the difference between ASP and PHP?

Difference Between PHP And ASP.NET?
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ASP.net derived products from Microsofts Active Server Page and supported by dot Net-based programming software that helps with Web-based application development. 

PHP is a server scripting language written by Rasmus Lordarf, which is available for expansion by using the name Hypertext Preprocessor and used in a web app development project.

Small to huge enterprises can buy the software as licensed software. PHP is also open source and is a freeware product and can also only use small or medium-sized web applications.

PHP vs. ASP.NET: Speed & Performance

The most common misconceptions people have regarding the speed and performance of websites are the languages in which the site code determines its overall performance. But the difference between ASPNET sites compared to PHP websites is small.

Generally speaking, can use web applications to retrieve database server and send the data on the webserver and eventually to the user’s browser. In the above scenario, the software code language just communicates with databases and web servers for producing desired results.

PHP vs. ASP.NET: Speed & Performance
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It is not likely any other program can match PHP’s capability in operation and performance. PHP does not take in excessive systems resources so that PHP can work faster. PHP has no problems hosting.

Hosting PHP is easy, and numerous hosting options are available for it. You can use PHP with other programs without any worries because it won’t slow them down. PHP will keep the speed at the desired rate and not interrupt others.


How are web applications performing? Usually, this depends on the level of interaction between the database, the script, and the server. To implement PHP web applications, one uses the LAMP format, which utilizes Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

LAMP stack offers increased performance and provides everything you require to make a successful web design project. Microsoft SQL Server databases are used as part of ASP.NET. It has a significant effect on server performance.

PHP vs. ASP.NET: Scalability

ASPNET can handle various web applications, primarily PHP. It is an incredibly flexible language with great flexibility. It’s not only the language you select but the developer’s talent. 

Hence you have to look at your business situation. PHP’s learning curve may be more straightforward and dependable, as it is the primary language used in Drupal development and has a lower learning cost than ASP.NET.. If you attempt to get a lead developer to create your website, you should hire an experienced website designer.

As the leading web framework for ASP, PHP is a highly flexible language. However, the language chosen will be more important than the development language you have selected. It’s also a good idea to take into consideration the business. 

For example, for entrepreneurs looking at developing with Drupal, PHP would be a good choice over ASP.NET. When you want to work on a website, you must look at the most suitable developer or mobile apps developer skilled in PHP and ASP.NET has an incredibly scalable UI. PHP has excellent scalability.

PHP vs. ASP.NET: Flexibility and Freedom

Flexibility is what developers want when completing any software development project. If ASP.NET compares with PHP, then ASP.NET provides no freedom of choice. 

PHP has open-source functionality enabling coding to be easily written using text editors like emacs, notepad++, and bluefish. However, if you’d like to use PHP with different operating systems, you’ll need more options. It’s possible to run PHP in this mode.

PHP vs. ASP.NET: Tools and Editors

PHP vs. ASP.NET: Tools and Editors
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Although PHP developers love working with text editor tools such as Notepad++ and Vim, several excellent and free software tools like Eclipse. ASP.NET has a variety of software programs, but they can cost you. It also supports Microsoft Visual Studio.

The good thing about ASP.NET is its flexibility to provide the user with features and make development simple. C# is a more challenging language from a learning standpoint, while PHP is easier.

PHP vs. ASP.NET: Market share

PHP vs. ASP.NET: Market share
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The significant differences between ASP.NET and PHP are usage and market size. Below are examples of how PHP has a more extensive user base than ASP.NET. PHP website was among the Top 10 K Sites, Top 100 K Sites, and Top 1 M Websites.

PHP has ever gotten more accolades than ASP.NET has.

As a result, W 3Techs reported that 78.1% are driven by PHP, while ASP.NET drives 7.9%.

PHP vs. ASP.NET: Market share
Image Source: W3Techs

According to a recent survey, around 1.113,095 websites are supported with ASP – NET, 583,841. So when we discuss the web, 833% of sites run PHP, whereas 2733% run ASPNET.

As a whole, ASPNET has been struggling, mainly when we see this outcome. We can then assume that it is possible to do PHP.

PHP vs. ASP.NET: Security

PHP vs. ASP.NET: Security
Image Source: Appinventiv

Another significant difference between ASP.NET and PHP is its security option. Both platforms provide developers with security functions, but the software includes specialized security features, including SQL injection.

This means that you will have the work done so that PHP provides the tool. If I were going for ASP.NET security-wise, ASP.NET was a good choice. The PHP developers have the means to build their apps securely. However, most PHP developers have no problem with this, so vulnerable applications are created.

PHP vs. ASP.NET: Community Support

PHP vs. ASP.NET: Community Support
Image Source: Slideshare

Is PHP free for users? But that isn’t just about an incredible community. Although the number is fewer than PHP, the ASP.net community includes highly motivated developers supporting their local community.

Naturally, the PHP community often offers solutions to PHP web application issues. ASP.NET over PHP is more prevalent in terms of support for developers. How does Node.js work, and how can it be implemented on serverside/python?

PHP is free-source, and its developer pool is much broader than the Windows ASP.NET framework. However, both are vibrant communities that frequently post in forums, so you can expect support from both communities if someone wants a quick solution.

ASP.net is an open-source programming platform that is supported only by ASP.NET.com. It is not yet fully functional and has no user base. PHP is also an exceptionally widely used language, and some helpful developers can quickly work on different platforms and are willing to offer advice and assistance when needed.

Several technology technologies provide substantial benefits and work well in many diverse projects.

The team of Brainvire is here to walk you through each step of the way and help you choose the best technology for your project.

PHP vs. ASP.NET: Database Support

As discussed in most areas of the article, PHP supports every platform and every process, and so do Databases. It is integer-able, scalable, and supports databases, including MySQL. WordPress is a famous example.

PHP vs. ASP.NET: Database Support
Image Source: Educba

 If someone wants a quick solution, use PHP coding with MySQL to improve the content management system. It’s how countless favorite bloggers manage thousands of websites daily.

Wikipedia is yet another example using PHP. 

PHP is a free/free coding language whose developer base is much larger, and it’s much smaller than Microsoft ASP.NET (Windows-based). 

However, both have strong community members who regularly post on internet forums so that you can always find an answer in both communities. While ASP.NET is primarily a community of dedicated developers, it’s quite a few less supported members.

PHP vs. ASP.NET: Popularity

PHP vs. ASP.NET: Popularity
Image Source: Acodez

According to Built With, PHP is gaining popularity for programming languages used. In April 2018, statistics showed PHP shares 67%, and ASP.NET shares less than half this, with a share of 30% – a figure a little higher than 40%.

PHP vs. ASP.NET: Popularity
Image Source: Flexisourceit

PHP holds a dominant market share of 79%, with ASP.NET holding 8.3%. ASP.NET and the PHP website are ahead of PHP with the most claims. It’s clear that PHP has always remained popular among developers for various reasons, but its popularity has fallen.

PHP vs. ASP.NET: Fixing Problems

Earlier, we talked about PHP providing support for users because it has many people and why many users prefer PHP vs. ASP.NET. Aside from this fantastic property, PHP also fixes a lot of issues. Every time you build a website, you’ll face difficulties.

Is it possible to solve problems with a project when it isn’t done correctly? Claims like many programming languages, including PHP, there’s a great deal of flexibility to discover what’s wrong with your PHP.

PHP vs. ASP.NET: Web Framework

I’m not sure that it should be mentioned in this context, but it seems like a large community for PHP users. This has been proven from the increase in PHP framework support for the web community.

If you need assistance fixing certain features like session management, access libraries, or code reuse, you should use a few PHP frameworks to solve them yourself.

PHP vs. ASP.NET: Cost Comparison

PHP vs. ASP.NET: Cost Comparison
Image Source: Slide Share

Cost is a unique aspect of PHP vs. ASPNET. ASP.NET is a FREE and open-source project, whereas ASP.NET belongs to Microsoft and is available with free hosting for all users.

However, these expenses should be minimal enough to avoid you outsourcing PHP web development services in case your project is already implemented. The NET development service runs exclusively on Windows systems. If using Linux, you will need access to Mono to use ASP.NET.

Integrated Development Environment as an essential factor

The integrated development environment is an essential factor considered a cost-efficient factor. As many of you know, ASP.Net development uses Visual Studio as an IDE. Microsoft offers its IDE in a free version called the Microsoft Express.

It may seem like an excellent choice for novices; however, professionals look for something more complicated. PHP is supported by numerous free /paid software IDEs and can efficiently run on Linux and Mac platforms. However, ultimately, the decision has to be determined by the developers.

Developers understand that developing ASP.NET is only done on Windows. The software is aimed at paid Microsoft platform. Almost all developers can deal directly with a bug. ASP.NET can be used to run your application on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

ASP.Net Vs. PHP: What To Choose For Your App Needs?

The most commonly used PHP language helps developers develop many different applications. Thousands of members live in the community, accessible by the internet. Developers can start developing PHP in less space due to its easy learnability.

It has open-source features versus Microsoft ASP.NET. PHP primarily interfaces with a web framework, while ASP is an open-source ASP framework. The ASP.NET platform provides the best libraries. Many functions allow developers to create websites using its included drag-and-drop feature.


Is ASP.NET more secure than PHP?

Yes, ASP.NET is more secure than PHP. While both technologies equip the developers with security functions, ASP.NET has built-in features that include SQL injection

Is PHP better than dot net?

PHP language is more prevalent among developers owing to its simplicity and learnability than dot net. It also has open-source features. But dot net or ASP.NET has extensive libraries and functions that allow multiple codes to run simultaneously. So the debate for what’s better is subjective and depends entirely on usage and requirements.

What are the Advantages of ASP.Net?

Some of the advantages of ASP.NET are:

It has extensive libraries, toolkits, and features.
It supports multiple codes to run simultaneously.
It has an open-source framework.
It offers cross-platform support.
It does not require programming.
It offers high performance.
It is highly flexible.
It has specialized security features, including SQL injection.

asp net vs php which is easier?

Being a scripting language, PHP is easier to learn and understand. On the other hand, ASP.NET can be challenging for a beginner and takes a while to grasp.

Is PHP free and open source?

PHP is open source for everyone to use and build upon. The standard interpreter released under the PHP License is free

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