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  • Published On January 22, 2024

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BigCommerce B2B is a game-changer in the complexities of B2B eCommerce, offering seamless transactions and unparalleled growth for businesses. It addresses the challenges of B2B transactions and unlocks possibilities for optimizing business operations. The prominence of BigCommerce apps in the industry highlights its transformative power in revolutionizing online commerce. This introduction delves into the critical aspects of B2B eCommerce and highlights three key takeaways. 

The Basics of BigCommerce B2B Edition

What is the BigCommerce B2B Edition?

BigCommerce B2B Edition is a strategic blend of essential components, ensuring a seamless B2B e-commerce experience. It comprises the Enterprise license, BundleB2B, and six pre-configured themes. This amalgamation caters to the unique needs of B2B transactions, providing a powerful and adaptable platform.

BigCommerce B2B in Action

BigCommerce B2B Edition aligns perfectly with the needs of businesses looking to establish a robust online presence for B2B transactions. The synergy of the Enterprise license, BundleB2B, and pre-configured themes creates a comprehensive solution.

BigCommerce Agency Support

Leverage the expertise of a BigCommerce agency to maximize the potential of the B2B Edition. A dedicated agency can offer tailored solutions, ensuring optimal configuration and seamless integration into existing business processes.

BigCommerce SEO Services

BigCommerce SEO Services

Enhance online visibility with BigCommerce SEO services tailored for B2B businesses. Implementing effective SEO strategies is vital for reaching the target audience and driving organic traffic to the B2B e-commerce platform. 

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Key Features of BigCommerce B2B to Give Wings to Your E-store

The key features of BigCommerce B2B are mentioned below:

Abandoned Cart Saver

Recover potential sales with the Abandoned Cart Saver feature. It automatically reminds customers about their incomplete purchases, boosting conversion rates. BigCommerce API ensures seamless integration.

Custom Price Lists

Tailor pricing for different customer segments with Custom Price Lists. Enhance your sales strategy by offering personalized rates to specific groups. BigCommerce partners can assist in implementing this feature effectively.

Customer Group Segmentation

Effortlessly categorize customers based on behavior, demographics, or purchase history. This allows targeted marketing efforts and a more personalized shopping experience. A BigCommerce website builder can efficiently set up and customize these segments.

Bulk Ordering and Quick Reordering

Streamline the purchasing process with Bulk Ordering and Quick Reordering options. Customers can save time by placing large orders or easily reordering their favorite products. BigCommerce developers ensure a smooth and efficient implementation.

Advanced Catalog Management

Manage a vast product catalog effortlessly with advanced tools. Categorize, organize, and showcase products effectively to enhance the overall shopping experience. BigCommerce marketplace provides additional apps for catalog optimization.

Quote Management System

BigCommerce’s Quote Management System facilitates negotiations, allowing customers to request quotes for bulk orders or customized products, with an average growth rate of 28% according to platform statistics. 

Approval Workflow

Implement a structured approval process for orders. Ensure that only authorized personnel can approve high-value transactions or special requests. BigCommerce partners can customize the approval workflow to fit your business needs.

Integration with ERP System

Integration with ERP System

Sync your BigCommerce B2B store with an ERP system for real-time data exchange, boosting efficiency and minimizing errors in order processing. BigCommerce API, crucial in establishing a robust connection, outshines Shopify vs BigCommerce. 

Account Management Tools

Enable customers with self-service tools for account management. Streamline tasks such as updating information, tracking orders, and managing preferences. Utilize BigCommerce website builders, including a BigCommerce development agency, for a user-friendly interface. 

Account Management Tools

Payment on Credit Terms

Facilitate flexible payment terms, allowing trusted customers to make purchases and settle payments within agreed periods. BigCommerce developers ensure secure transactions and accurate credit tracking, a reliable BigCommerce alternative. 

Advanced Shipping Options

Advanced Shipping Options

Optimize shipping with diverse options, including split shipments, multiple addresses, and real-time tracking. Comparing woocommerce vs bigcommerce, empowers partners to enhance shipping efficiency seamlessly. 

Robust Security Measures

Ensure the safety of sensitive data with robust security measures. Protect customer information and transactions from potential threats. BigCommerce API integration ensures a secure environment for both businesses and customers.

Dynamic Pricing Rules

Implement dynamic pricing strategies to stay competitive. Set rules based on market conditions, inventory levels, or customer behavior. BigCommerce developers can fine-tune these rules for optimal results.

Mobile Optimization

Enhance your B2B store for mobile devices with BigCommerce. Ensure a seamless mobile shopping experience to reach a broader audience. Trust BigCommerce designer for optimal mobile responsiveness. 

Analytics and Reporting

Gain insights into customer behavior, sales performance, and more with robust analytics tools. Make informed decisions to optimize your business strategy. BigCommerce marketplace offers additional analytics apps for comprehensive reporting.

API Access and Flexibility

Enjoy the flexibility of BigCommerce API access. Integrate third-party applications, customize features, and enhance overall functionality. BigCommerce partners can assist in harnessing the full potential of API capabilities. 

Real-World Applications and Benefits of Businesses Leveraging Bigcommerce B2B for Building Robust Online Stores

Industrial Distribution:

  • Company: RDO Equipment Company
  • Challenge: Streamline large, complex orders for agricultural equipment.
  • Solution: Utilized BigCommerce B2B’s bulk order management for custom forms, automated workflows, and efficient tiered pricing handling.
  • Result: Achieved a remarkable 500% increase in online sales within the first year.

Custom Materials Manufacturing:

  • Company: KBM Advanced Materials
  • Challenge: Address complicated pricing structures and a lengthy quote generation process for specialty metals and plastics.
  • Solution: Implemented BigCommerce B2B’s quote engine and customer-specific pricing features, simplifying quoting and offering greater flexibility.
  • Result: Realized a 30% increase in conversion rates and enhanced customer satisfaction with quicker responses.

Global Packaging Solutions:

  • Company: Avery Dennison
  • Challenge: Manage a high volume of customer service inquiries due to a manual order process and lack of self-service options.
  • Solution: Adopted BigCommerce B2B’s self-service portal, empowering customers to handle accounts, track orders, and reorder, resulting in a 25% reduction in inquiries.
  • Result: Attained a 10% increase in online orders and improved customer experience through enhanced autonomy.

High-Volume B2B Transactions:

  • Company: General Electric Aviation
  • Challenge: Securely handle high-volume transactions and complex pricing rules for selling spare parts to airlines and maintenance providers.
  • Solution: Leveraged BigCommerce B2B’s enterprise-grade features, providing scalability, security, and robust pricing functionalities.
  • Result: Established an efficient and secure platform for high-value B2B transactions, maintaining trust and accuracy.

Evolving Water Bottle Startup:

  • Company: LARQ
  • Challenge: Rapidly launch and scale a B2B operation for innovative water bottles.
  • Solution: Leveraged BigCommerce B2B’s ease of use and flexibility, enabling a two-month launch and streamlined order processing.
  • Result: Realized an impressive 400% increase in year-over-year revenue through an efficient B2B online store powered by BigCommerce B2B. 

Roadmap for Implementing Bigcommerce B2B for Your Online Store

Roadmap for Implementing Bigcommerce B2B for Your Online Store

Step 1: Preparation

  • Evaluate business requirements: Consider operations scale, target audience, and unique features.
  • Choose a B2B Edition Plan: Compare BigCommerce vs Shopify, choose plan aligning with business goals and budget.
  • Gather Resources: Collect essential information, product details, and marketing materials.
  • Assemble Team: Form dedicated team for efficient B2B implementation. 

Step 2: Implementation

  • Sign Up and Configure Your Store: To start a BigCommerce B2B store, sign up and configure your store settings with accurate information. 
  • Add Products and Pricing: Add products and pricing using BigCommerce development services for efficiency. 
  • Customize Your Storefront: Customize your storefront using BigCommerce templates to reflect your brand identity and enhance user experience. 
  • Enable B2B Features: Enable B2B features like bulk pricing and customer groups to cater to your wholesale audience effectively. 
  • Integrate with Other Systems: Integrate BigCommerce with other systems like inventory management or CRM tools for seamless communication across platforms. 
  • Set Up Payment Options: Configure diverse payment options for B2B customers, including secure gateways for a reliable payment experience. 

Step 3: Testing and Launch

  • Thorough Testing: Thorough testing ensures all features function seamlessly, with BigCommerce SEO agency services being employed for search engine optimization. 
  • User Training: User training helps staff navigate the new platform effectively, addressing any concerns or questions. 
  • Pre-Launch Marketing: Pre-launch marketing promotes launches via social media email campaigns, optimizing visibility with strategic BigCommerce SEO.  
  • Launch and Monitor: Finally, the platform is launched and closely monitored, tracking user engagement, sales data, and addressing any issues promptly. 

Future Trends in BigCommerce B2B

Using the dynamic potential of the BigCommerce app store, businesses are witnessing transformative trends that redefine the future of B2B interactions.


In the realm of BigCommerce ecommerce, hyper-personalization emerges as a game-changer. Businesses now have the power to curate individualized experiences through the BigCommerce web designer, tailoring every aspect to meet client needs. This personal touch amplifies customer engagement and loyalty.

Headless B2B Commerce

BigCommerce vs Magento? The debate takes a turn with headless B2B commerce. BigCommerce app development facilitates a headless architecture, providing unmatched flexibility. This approach decouples the frontend and backend, enabling seamless customization and integration of cutting-edge technologies.

Voice-activated Ordering

BigCommerce payment gateways align with the voice-activated future. Integrating voice commands streamlines the ordering process, enhancing efficiency. Businesses can leverage BigCommerce inventory management alongside voice capabilities for a frictionless B2B experience.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Enter the world of augmented and virtual reality, powered by BigCommerce themes. Visualizing products in 3D transforms the B2B landscape. The BigCommerce website becomes a hub for immersive experiences, empowering clients to explore and interact with products before making decisions.

Embedded B2B Marketplaces

BigCommerce strategically enters embedded B2B marketplaces, fostering seamless business connections. Through the app store, businesses can expand with diverse markets, enhancing growth and diversification, supported by BigCommerce custom design. 

Social Commerce Integration

BigCommerce integrates with social platforms, enhancing brand visibility and driving engagement, creating a dynamic ecosystem that drives conversions in the age of interconnectedness. 

Sustainability & Ethical Sourcing

BigCommerce embraces ethical commerce trends. Businesses, utilizing BigCommerce themes, showcase their commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing. This conscientious approach resonates with modern consumers, fostering brand loyalty.

Data-driven Insights & AI-powered Analytics

BigCommerce inventory management takes a leap with data-driven insights. AI-powered analytics, integrated into the BigCommerce web designer toolkit, empowers businesses to make informed decisions. Real-time analytics enhance operational efficiency and strategy formulation.

Subscription-based B2B Models

BigCommerce app development fuels the rise of subscription-based B2B models. Businesses can capitalize on recurring revenue streams. Leveraging BigCommerce payment gateways, these models provide stability and predictability in an ever-changing market landscape.


In 2023, BigCommerce witnessed a 27% year-over-year growth in its stores, reflecting a substantial increase in its user base. BigCommerce B2B is a robust platform designed for online eCommerce businesses, offering a user-friendly interface, seamless scalability, and a feature-rich ecosystem for optimized operations and enhanced customer experiences. The versatility of BigCommerce plans ensures that companies of all sizes can find a tailored solution to meet their specific requirements. BigCommerce B2B is a strategic move that helps enterprises navigate complexities and thrive in the dynamic eCommerce world as the digital landscape evolves. 

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Does Bigcommerce B2B handle Complex Pricing Scenarios Like Tiered Pricing, Volume Discounts, and Custom Quotes Efficiently?

– Bigcommerce B2B facilitates seamless management of volume discounts and custom quotes.

– The platform ensures efficient handling, streamlining the pricing process for B2B transactions.

Can Bigcommerce B2B manage Bulk Orders, Purchase Orders, and Credit Lines Seamlessly?

Handling bulk orders, purchase orders, and credit lines is a strength of Bigcommerce B2B, ensuring smooth operations.

Can Bigcommerce B2B Handle High Traffic Volumes and Large Product Catalogs Without Performance Issues?

Bigcommerce B2B is designed to handle high traffic volumes and large product catalogs without compromising performance, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Does Bigcommerce B2B Support Headless Commerce Architecture for Building Custom B2B Storefronts?

The platform supports headless commerce architecture, allowing the building of custom B2B storefronts tailored to specific needs.

How Does Bigcommerce B2B Pricing Compare to Other B2B Ecommerce Platforms?

Bigcommerce B2B pricing competes favorably with other B2B ecommerce platforms, offering a competitive edge in terms of cost-effectiveness and value for businesses seeking efficient solutions.

What Are the Potential ROI Benefits of Using Bigcommerce B2B for My B2B Ecommerce Business?

Bigcommerce B2B can enhance profitability through streamlined operations, increased sales, and efficient customer management, maximizing return on investment.

Does Bigcommerce B2B Offer Robust Security Features to Protect Sensitive B2B Data?

Yes, Bigcommerce B2B provides robust security features to safeguard sensitive B2B data, ensuring a secure environment for transactions.

How Does Bigcommerce B2B Handle Platform Updates and Ensure Minimal Disruption to YMy Online Store?

Bigcommerce B2B manages updates efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to your online store during the implementation of new features.

Does Bigcommerce B2B offer Any Features or Solutions Specific to My Industry?

Explore if Bigcommerce B2B provides industry-specific features or solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

How Easy Is It to Migrate My Existing B2B Ecommerce Store to Bigcommerce B2B?

Explore the effortless migration of your B2B ecommerce store to Bigcommerce B2B, streamlining the transition process seamlessly, and consider the comparison of Magento vs Bigcommerce.

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