Check Out an Intriguing Feature of Odoo 13

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Check Out an Intriguing Feature of Odoo 13

Launched in 2019, Odoo 13 is a powerhouse of impressive features that can uplift the future of your business. Only experienced software consulting services can decipher the true essence of this solution and make successful implementations.

So far, the trending Odoo versions have provided an advanced landscape for enterprises to improve services and surpass restrictions. Odoo 13 is no different as it offers a new set of wings in the form of smart applications and integrations.

Small, medium, and large-scale enterprises have made dynamic and innovative use of Odoo. Besides, it has tapped not only one particular industry but also multiple industries with over seven million Odoo users.

Odoo’s striking visibility can be noticed in logistics ERP, inventory management, accounting management, and also digital healthcare solutions. Name the industry and it has Best Odoo partner to ease their management or customer management.

In this article, we are primarily going to throw light on two aspects of Odoo:

  • Key Reasons to Select Odoo ERP for Your Business
  • The Simplest Method to Insert a Button in Action Menu in Odoo 13

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Key Reasons to Select Odoo ERP for Your Business

Today, Odoo ERP plays a significant role for businesses as it can help remove hassles in the process of the organization.

To offer you a better vision about Odoo ERP, we have discussed a few significant reasons to invest in it:

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Open Source

Different communities can create and handle an open-source solution with ease. Hence, Odoo offers two dynamic versions:

  • Enterprise version
  • Community version

The first is an advanced version inclusive of add-on features and support. However, the Community version comprises several features that encourage smooth operation for the business. The open-source nature promises protection from cyber-attacks and hacking.

Smooth Integrations

This business software solution allows companies to integrate additional customized tools in a hassle-free manner. For instance, if a firm is experiencing hindrances in accounting and inventory, then you need a solution such as Odoo commerce accounting inventory POS.

Quick Customizations

With Odoo ERP, you can introduce quick customization to your business. The community teams have crafted several Odoo tools that can cater to different industries and companies.

Every company can pick the right set of Odoo tools as per their business priorities. For example, an HR agency can include few tools required to enhance their human resources marketing services to improve their recruiting efficiency.

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Investing in the community or enterprise edition is comparatively more pocket-friendly than any other expensive business software. Over the years, Odoo has a decent price range for consultation and implementation.

Certified Odoo experts can be a great helping hand to offer in-depth training and enhancement support at a reasonable cost. They can also assist you in making the right implementations at an affordable price.

User-Friendly Interface

The implementation of a user-friendly interface ensures that your employees make optimal use of the ERP implementation. Your business can expand with the support of your employees. They don’t have to go through rigorous training and can adapt to the new system organically.

Odoo is easy to manage while other business solutions are complex to handle.

We have discussed certain Odoo solutions and their suitable industries:

Several other custom-designed ERP and POS solutions have accelerated business potentials and resulted in expansion.
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The Simplest Method to Insert a Button in Action Menu in Odoo 13

Odoo allows you to perform any action in the existing record or group of records. You can add and create your customized method to perform the operations you want.

In this figure, there are multiple menu options in the Action button. You can create a customized menu option/item and run a method to perform that task.

To do this, you can write the following codes in XML:

The act_window tag can guide you to add a button inside the Action Menu option.

You have to mention the following fields:

name: Name of the button you wish to provide

Res_model: name of a model where you will create your custom method

Binding_model: Current model name where action button is seen

Binding_views: View type (form | tree, etc.), in which view you want to show

View_mode: Type of view mode

The above code will lead you to a wizard.

Model: our own custom model

In this example, we have shown how you can change the state of the sales order with the server action method.

A new menu item name “Update State” is now visible.

Now let’s call a method on that button.

In your write this code:

This is our customized model, here we write a method: “update_state”.

This method will update the state of sale order.

State: this field defines states for sale order.

Our wizard shows state options to change. After selecting the state, it will change the state of sale order.

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Before state=Quotations

After state=Sale order

Initially, this task can be tricky to understand. However, our experts can guide you in this process and show the easiest technique to insert a button in the Action menu. Alongside, several new techniques and features can be introduced to your existing system.

Get in touch with our professionals as they can share their expertise in this context and resolve your queries.

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