Get a Glimpse of Trailblazing Effect of ASP.NET Core with React

Today, ASP.NET Core is a reliable and impeccable option to build the backend of a Single Page Application (SPA). This is why you have to search for ASP.NET Core Development services when you are in need of a good ASP.NET app.

However, do you have an equally dependable solution for the frontend?

Angular is quite recognized in the .NET community, but simultaneously, Blazor has grabbed some attention in the short-span.  

There is a constant buzz about React and the main question is asked as to why should you choose React?

In this article, we have discussed significant reasons that will bring light to why React is the most preferred option-

  • Reap benefits of React performance
  • Portability
  • Reduced code-hassles
  • Reliable and robust
  • Open vision
  • Enriched backward compatibility
  • Large ecosystem
  • Easy-to-use
  • Improved SEO

Reap benefits of React performance

A majority of tech freshers assume that React JS is comparatively faster than any framework (including Angular JS). The fact is that React JS is an out of the box and effective framework.

Your task to write a functional application becomes convenient with this framework. Other frameworks need more work and don’t provide the same output. This way you can create reliable and simple apps quickly.

One of the striking features of React JS is the presence of Virtual DOM. Virtual DOM is present in the form of a JavaScript object as a memory representation. When there is a change on the page, the React calculates the difference between the previous and current DOM.

React will re-render the required change instead of re-rendering the entire page. A few individuals also assume that DOM is slow, the truth is that it is fast.

You experience slow speed only when layout browsers undergo DOM alterations. This is because it takes time to recalculate the CSS and redesign the web pages.

Virtual DOM offer a helping hand as they minimize the time gap and batch all DOM changes.

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In the past, there have been several instances where an app is built in ASP.NET and needs Node JS or other frameworks to work. Similarly, an app built with React is easy to run on some other framework.

Well, we won’t go in-depth about this process. However, for your understanding you must know that the React module needs data to be circulated through props. This data can be any flash message, ASP. NET web API, or any other JavaScript.

Reduced code-hassles

The ideal process is that data for content is rendered on the client and is retrieved from the web services that return JSON. Usually, the content rendered on the server and on the client is more or less the same.

For instance, a few web pages have a couple of web page content within them. The first page is smoothly rendered on the server. But as you move ahead, further pages are fetched from some web service, then a JavaScript engine template is used to render HTML.

JavaScript templating engines act like a boon. You no longer have to rely on jquery to update DOM nodes with data. You can skip string connections to build HTML. An experienced team is likely to recommend you the upsides of templating engines.

The only loop-hole in this is code duplication. Your team has to re-write HTML in ASP.NET MVC view, and separately in JavaScript templating engine. Would it be feasible if we could simply reuse the code on the client?

With React, this is possible. You can write HTML code and render it on the server. It is beneficial for SEO purposes as well.

Reliable and robust

An experienced team at Facebook developed React to enhance its prowess. With time, they introduced New react versions and implemented it in several Facebook products. These products are widely used by the community.

This means that millions of individuals are already using robust and reliable React developments. This ensures that this framework possesses adequate strength and is efficient to manage an increased number of audiences.

Open vision

The React team constantly works to upgrade and improve the current developments. They have an open-policy and welcome feedback to improve their existing offerings.

This skilled team are in constant touch with the community and are taking feedback.

Enriched backward compatibility

The React team invests sufficient time to brainstorm and suggest backward compatibility.

In case you note a breaking change, then you are likely to receive an advanced notice. However, you can use the codemod that can be run on your code to implement the necessary changes.

Large ecosystem

In a short period, React has gained a lot of fame as compared to Angular JS or any other JavaScript. With each passing day, the recognition keeps on increasing.

This recognition has resulted in robust and supportive libraries for a couple of things such as UI components, state management, and styling. You can learn more about React through knowledgeable material available.

There are robust and large communities that are eager to provide assistance in case the team feels trapped. So far, 15,000 answers are found on React in a span of a few months while Blazor has only a few over 400 answers to guide.

A large ecosystem can guide you through to find the right solution, regardless of your problem. React is therefore a more reliable and lucrative solution when you are in search of a contemporary and trustworthy tech stack.


There is no need to power the entire frontend with React. Instead, use it for a section of the frontend and eventually you can expand its use on the frontend as per your convenience.

You can begin your journey with an easy-to-use Visual Studio template to develop projects. These projects can be designed with a React frontend and ASP.NET Core backend.

You also have a specific template to include Redux!

This can be an incredible way to discover and kick-start with React with ASP.NET Core.

Your team is habituated to a strong-code in the .NET realm, that allows you to identify problems at an early stage. Statically typed languages like C# enables editors in this case Visual Studio, to offer efficiency features such as code refactoring, IntelliSense, and navigation.

In case you fear losing command of your language, then rest assured because React offers you increased benefits than JavaScript. TypeScript can provide you a flexible and powerful system that works brilliantly with React.

React is observed to be the most preferred web framework. Developers make optimal use of the component-driven approach to create user-interfaces. Components are merged and constructed with JSX in a simple yet effective manner.

Improved SEO

Website speed is one of the many factors that release improved SEO. A good functional and quick website can retain more audience and eventually improve business.

React can help you to render content quickly and load the website within no-time. Multiple pages can be loaded within seconds and your audience enjoys seamless navigation on the website.

There is no doubt that ASP.NET is an ideal option for app building. But when you blend two sturdy tech stacks, you can provide a unique app.

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