Implement The Most Favored Automated Ticketing System

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  • Published OnSeptember 17, 2020

  • Updated On January 10, 2022

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Implement The Most Favored Automated Ticketing System

There are several technologically-advanced solutions to improve functionality of your business. Your business gravitates around your customers and employees, so it is imperative to implement a system that allows you to organize employee productivity and customer lifecycle efficiently.

In this blog, we have shared information on an automated ticketing system that can help improve your services. This is what we’ve covered-

  • What Is An Automated Ticketing System?
  • Prominent Features Of A Good Automated Ticketing System
  • Highly Recommended Automated Ticketing Systems

What Is An Automated Ticketing System?

Within all organizations, employees reach out to the IT team for assistance.

As the firm grows, there’s likely to be an increasing number of employees so it may become tricky for the IT team to manage a huge number of queries manually.

An automated ticketing system allows the team to manage queries and improve employee efficiency. Similarly, this system can be utilized to manage customer queries and improve their experiences.

An automated management tool that can acknowledge and work on customer requests. The customer can generate a ticket to seek your support.

Regardless of the intensity of the issue, the system can automatically accumulate documents and information about the issue. This will help the team to interact better and resolve issues rapidly.

This advanced system can provide you a cutting edge over your competition. The modern business approach demands an automated system to acquire quicker solutions and business development.

Initially, this transformation may appear to be a daunting task, but you can gradually adapt it and improve business productivity. 

Prominent Features Of A Good Automated Ticketing System

Search For An Automated Solution

Often, customers or your employees are clueless about whom to approach with a query or task. With automation and a robust system in place, they can quickly reach out to your support team.

Your team can create predefined keywords that can help customers and employees to reach the right individual for their problems.

For instance, you have set app performance, slow, time-out, etc. keywords to resolve mobile app queries. This way, whenever a customer will raise a ticket for these keywords, they will be redirected to an expert who can guide them to resolve their concerned issue.

You can combine your customer services platform with this system for a smooth process. Install a system with advanced features such as self-service options, ChatBot, keyword search, etc. for improved experience.

Quality Analytics

Automated ticketing systems help you to enable flexibility and provide the liberty to expand your finite business overview with respect to support scenarios.

An advanced system can also send timely reminders to customers as to do they still have any issues. In case, they still have any more issues they can reach out to you.

This will diminish the number of occurrences where issues have been left unresolved. The IT team will also have clarity about the incoming issues and those getting resolved.

The system also provides analytics that signify customer and employee issues. You also acquire insights on initiative and effectiveness of customer and employee experience. 

Single Channel

Customers and employees tend to be disappointed when they have to repeat themselves, just in case they have to reach out to you through multiple channels.

An automated ticketing system can be a single channel through which they can communicate with you. They don’t have to send reminder mails, messages, or make follow-up calls.

The IT team gets an update about the issue, and they can resolve it with the necessary measures.

The system saves all records and information including pending and completed tickets, which can be utilized to know your customer and their needs.

Automatic data collection reduces the task of your team and also human errors, duplicity, etc.

Time and Money

An automated ticketing system can make your entity more powerful. They can empower you with increased resources such as time and money, limit human intervention, and quicken the resolution process.

They can perform mundane and repetitive tasks faster and without intervention. This helps your team to concentrate on other issues and resolve them. Your firm is likely to enjoy improved productivity.

Highly Recommended Automated Ticketing Systems

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

This is one of the most renowned and comprehensive Microsoft Enterprise solutions. Over the years, Microsoft has earned an elite reputation in the tech world. There are fewer alternatives that can match the quality and features that they offer.

The service level agreement allows improved case management. This made-to-order solution comprises features such as-

  • Case management dashboard
  • Case routing and queuing
  • Multi-channel communication management
  • Smooth workflow
  • Customer feedback, etc.

This automated and functional system is an ideal choice for businesses. Emerging as well as well-established businesses can utilize this system to smoothen their customer services.

You can invest in either monthly subscriptions or an enterprise edition based on your convenience. If you are in search of a smart solution that can help provide niche customer services, this is your go-to system.

Note, there’s a difference in the cost of a basic and an enterprise edition.

ServiceNow Customer Service Management

This bouquet of customer management tools is suitable for several businesses. It includes the following essential features –

  • Task automation
  • Proper workspace
  • Improved management
  • Virtual service agents, and many more.

The cost of this solution depends on your preferences and you have to request a quote to inquire estimated prices.

Salesforce Service Cloud

This is a personalized customer service software with a couple of automated features. This system consists of features such as-

  • Database
  • Case management
  • Customer service analytics
  • Ticket routing
  • Cloud telephony, and improved insights.

The cost of the basic and advanced systems varies. Based on your utility purpose, customer base, and employee efficiency you can make your decision.

Wrapping Up

A reliable and feature-rich ticketing solution can suffice an increased number of customers. This can help you to offer quality services to your customers.

Organize your business activities and offer distinct customer support services through an automated and unified system. 

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