Delta Furniture Partners with Brainvire for Integrated ERP Solution: Driving Growth and Efficiency

Our expertise ensured seamless integration and tailored solutions, shaping Delta Furniture's success with improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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  • Published on May 06, 2024

  • Updated on May 06, 2024

Delta Furniture Partners with Brainvire for Integrated ERP Solution: Driving Growth and Efficiency

Delta Furniture, driven by a passionate team, collaborates with Brainvire for an integrated ERP solution. Anticipated benefits include company-wide growth, optimized IT costs, improved reporting, enhanced project management, and better employee management. This strategic move aims to foster accurate decision-making and sustained business growth within a process-oriented organization.

Brief About Delta Furniture 

Initially known as  Fantastic Furniture, Delta Furniture was incepted in 1989. Over the years, it has evolved into a leading force in the industry, emerging as a stalwart in bespoke furniture. The illustrious journey, marked by a commitment to excellence, began with re-upholstery services for furniture retailers. In 1994, a strategic relocation and rebranding to Delta Furniture set the stage for three decades of unparalleled craftsmanship.

Their legacy spans 19+ years, encompassing the delivery of 10,880+ orders across 6+ countries. Delta Furniture specializes in crafting Chairs, Sofa Sets, Sectional sofas, Arabic Majles, Curtains and draperies, Headboards and bedrooms, and more. Beyond its extensive product range, we offer services like re-upholstery, refurbishment, paintwork, contract furnishings, and procurement of textiles and accessories.

Rooted in 30 years of expertise, the team transforms visions into reality. They take pride in tailoring each project to the client's unique specifications, offering a personalized approach. Their curated collection, a reflection of client preferences, is available for direct purchase, showcasing their dedication to delivering excellence in every piece.

However, Delta Furniture aimed to implement an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to enhance operational efficiency. This one-platform approach wanted to boost productivity, improve customer service, and streamline business processes. The implementation included an operational and management solution for project tracking visibility, providing ease in process overview, tracking, and reporting. 

To accomplish that, the company encountered the following issues:

Navigating the Roadblocks: Understanding the Challenges Along the Brand's Journey

In their pursuit of streamlining and modernizing back-end operations, this Middle Eastern furniture brand, aiming to transition from Odoo v13 to the advanced v16, sought the expertise of Brainvire, an Odoo-certified partner. Amidst the transformation, the brand grappled with several challenges.

Business Workflow:

The existing business workflow at Delta Furniture proved to be a significant obstacle to overall operational efficiency, necessitating a comprehensive revamp for optimal results. The intricacies of the existing system created bottlenecks and inefficiencies, impacting the company's ability to execute tasks seamlessly.

System Migration:

Delta Furniture faced a critical challenge in ensuring the seamless migration from Odoo v13 to V16. The existing system limitations and the need for updated features and functionalities drove the imperative for a meticulous migration process involving planning, data transfer, and system testing.

Manage Sales Approvals:

The absence of a structured process for reviewing and approving sales orders posed a challenge for Delta Furniture, hindering operational control and potentially leading to delays and inconsistencies in order fulfillment.

Manage Sales Approvals

Customer Portal:


The customer portal, a vital interface for Delta Furniture's clients, presented multiple challenges related to user navigation and the overall buying experience. Users reported difficulties, necessitating a thorough analysis to identify and address interface design and functionality issues.

Quotation Reversion:

Managing and tracking changes in the quotation history emerged as a pivotal concern for Delta Furniture. The challenge lies in the need for a streamlined method to record and monitor deviations or revisions in the sales process.

WhatsApp Integration:

Delta Furniture aimed to seamlessly integrate WhatsApp with Odoo, recognizing the growing importance of real-time communication. The objective was to ensure a smooth integration that aligns with the company's communication needs, bridging gaps for faster decision-making and enhanced connectivity.

To address these challenges, the Odoo partner proposed a comprehensive solution tailored to maximize the company's operational potential. 

Transforming Delta Furniture's Sales Journey with Seamless Efficiency and Precision

Odoo's transformative modules empowered Delta Furniture, revolutionizing sales management. From seamless order processing to dynamic pricing and approval workflows, Odoo delivered a comprehensive solution, fostering efficiency, precision, and customer-centric success for Delta Furniture's sales operations.


The Odoo CRM module is a game-changer for Delta Furniture's sales dynamics, streamlining activities and fortifying customer relationships. Its lead generation prowess covers manual and platform integrations—Email, Social Media, and WhatsApp—ensuring comprehensive product details. 

The customizable lead stages, spanning from Enquiry Review to Material Estimation, bring a new level of clarity to the process. The efficiency of activity scheduling and the dynamic opportunities viewed from the pipeline management system empower the sales team to plan and act with precision. The conversion of opportunities to quotations in the sales module, accompanied by rich attachments, simplifies complex processes.

CRMThe structured sales team, complete with defined staff, leaders, and invoicing targets, optimizes overall performance. A comprehensive dashboard acts as the panoramic window, tracking opportunities, quotations, sales orders, and revenue progress, steering Delta Furniture towards strategic decisions and meeting monthly revenue targets. This holistic CRM solution, a game-changer, not only redefines but elevates Delta Furniture's sales journey, cultivating growth and reinforcing a customer-centric approach.

Sales Management

The Sales Management system on the Odoo platform efficiently handles sales processes, customer management, and order fulfillment for the furniture brand. 

  • Customer Management: Comprehensive handling of personal and corporate customer data, including additional fields and defined payment terms.
  • Sales Price List: Flexible pricing strategies based on criteria like customer type, product, and attributes.
  • Quotation Processing: Considers existing products, historical data, and fabric details; triggers notifications for fabric purchases.
  • Approvals: Involves account manager and customer approvals through email/WhatsApp links, with a feedback mechanism.
  • Quotation Revisions: Created post-customer rejection, managing a unique revision number range.Order Confirmation
  • Order Confirmation: Converts approved quotations into confirmed sales orders with printable orders displaying customer signatures.
  • Units of Measurement: Configurable units for product quantity measurement with conversion capabilities.
  • Proforma Invoice: Generates estimated invoices for customer orders, including essential details such as goods, quantity, value, and transportation charges.

This comprehensive system provides a streamlined solution for sales operations on multiple fronts.

Delivery Process 

The integrated Sales and Delivery Management system on the Odoo platform streamlines sales processes, customer interactions, and order fulfillment, offering comprehensive solutions from quotation to product delivery and receipt generation.

  1. Outgoing Picking: Facilitates the picking of items from inventory for outgoing deliveries. Ensures accurate and timely fulfillment of customer orders.
  2. Moves History: Tracks the movement history of products within the system. Provides a record of all transfers and adjustments, aiding in inventory management.
  3. Generate Receipt: Allows for the creation of receipts upon product delivery to customers or internal locations. Receipt generation ensures proper documentation of completed deliveries.Generate Receipt

Website Module 

The Website module facilitates the design, management, and customization of the furniture brand’s websites, seamlessly integrating backend and frontend menus for smooth navigation and efficient operations tailored to specific business requirements.

These features significantly enhanced the furniture company’s user experience, contributing to an overall improvement in user satisfaction and engagement.

  • Product Listing: Displays a comprehensive list of available products
  • Product Details: Provides in-depth information about selected products
  • Shopping Cart: Holds chosen items for purchase
  • Checkout: Enables the transition from cart to payment
  • My Account: Personalized user account management
  • Login Screen: Secure access to user accounts
  • Forgot Password: Aids in password recovery
  • Dashboard: Central hub for user activities and data

Tailored Portal User Management for Delta Furniture

Delta Furniture leverages Odoo to craft a personalized client portal system. Customers of Delta Furniture gain exclusive access rights for seamless portal interaction and management.

Effortless Order Syncing for Delta Furniture:

  • E-commerce orders synchronize with Delta Furniture's Odoo backend smoothly.
  • All pertinent order details seamlessly integrate, enhancing Delta Furniture's operational efficiency.

Flexible Payment Options with Delta Furniture:

  • Delta Furniture's clientele can conveniently make cash payments or bank transactions.
  • Bank payments for Delta Furniture require the attachment of payment receipts, ensuring transparent financial processes.

Social Media Marketing for the Furniture Company 

Social media stands as a pivotal tool for Delta Furniture to foster active customer participation and business development. Odoo seamlessly integrates with various social media platforms to enhance marketing strategies.

Integrated Social Media Presence

Odoo provides the "Add to Stream" option for seamless integration with Facebook and Instagram, bolstering Delta Furniture's social media outreach. Necessary permissions are configured for secure and efficient linking with social media accounts.

Manage Followers & Visitors

Delta Furniture efficiently oversees the number of followers and visitors on specific social media pages. Detailed insights include website visitor numbers, last action times, visit frequency, page types, lead/opportunity counts, and chat interactions.

Lead Generation Excellence

Post Social media Integration, Delta Furniture leverages social media for product promotion. Leads are organically generated from engaged visitors interacting with the posted content, enhancing the brand's overall marketing effectiveness.

Odoo-WhatsApp Integration for Seamless Business Communication

Integration Process

Odoo seamlessly integrates with WhatsApp Business, streamlining communication channels for efficient business operations.

Lead Creation via WhatsApp

Utilizing an API, customer messages received on WhatsApp are automatically converted into new leads within the Odoo system, ensuring a streamlined lead generation process.

Bidirectional Communication

Odoo and WhatsApp engage in two-way syncing, facilitating the seamless exchange of details and chat logs. This bidirectional communication enhances real-time updates and collaboration between the two platforms.

Quotation Management

Odoo users can effortlessly send quotations directly to customers through WhatsApp, leveraging the platform to communicate pricing and proposal details directly.

Quotation Approval Workflow

Customers gain the ability to approve or reject quotations directly through WhatsApp. The integration ensures that the quotation status is updated in Odoo based on the customer's response, streamlining the approval process.

Quotation Approval Workflow

Invoice Sharing

Upon invoice creation, Odoo enables the sharing of invoices directly with customers through WhatsApp, providing a convenient and effective way to share transaction details.

Odoo Marvel: Transformative Business Symphony with Brainvire's Ingenuity

The furniture brand achieved transformative results in its business processes thanks to the Odoo modules and the strategic partnership with Brainvire. The journey began with streamlined lead management, efficient quotation creation, and seamless sale order confirmation. The integration of advanced features, such as payment verification approval, job order approval, quotation rejection, and revision, elevated operational precision.

Product variant customization was notably enhanced, and the sale order line benefited from a more intuitive product configurator design. The customer portal underwent a significant overhaul, featuring a user-friendly dashboard, simplified order placing, and comprehensive customer account statements, all contributing to an improved overall design.

In the delivery process, the brand effectively managed delivery charges, optimized trip logistics, and introduced a functionality allowing the addition of customer and driver signatures. Collectively, these enhancements resulted in a streamlined and customer-centric delivery experience.

The Odoo partner's pivotal role in this journey ensured the seamless integration of Odoo modules, leveraging their expertise to tailor solutions that precisely met the brand's needs. The partnership with Brainvire played a key role in shaping the brand's success story, driving efficiency and customer satisfaction throughout the business.

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