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An Outlook Addon Plugin for Automatic Email Composition

The Canada-based client is one of the leading and most prominent real-estate agents helping renters and property owners find the right investment. It seamlessly manages all workflows from leasing to rent collection. The client partnered with Brainvire to create an outlook kind of Addon plugin allowing end-users to compose and send emails based on different templates available in the system. The platform also allows users to control the email content according to their convenience.
Platform/OS Web
Category C#, .NET, WPF, Windows Forms, MS Office Interlop


Brainvire has successfully designed an advanced Outlook Plugin, which will streamline the process of email composition and sending. The user gains more control over the email content to use all the various functionalities according to his requirements. Addon works smoothly on the latest version of the Windows Outlook 2013 and 2016. It has an advanced authentication technique for validating the username and password.

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Ahuja Genie