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Delivery Agents of America’s Leading Retail Chain Successfully Deliver Over 20k Cookies in 2 Months

Brainvire - Retail chain app

About Client

Based in the US, the client is a leading retailer of freshly-baked food and owns a chain of nearly 200 stores. Starting in 2003, they have tasted great success in business. The secret recipes of their growth are unmatched product quality and customer-centricity. They wanted Brainvire to develop an exclusive mobile app for its delivery agents that would greatly enhance the order fulfillment process.

Product Idea

The app helps delivery agents fulfill their orders on time and in a hassle-free manner. To begin with, Brainvire’s team assessed the client’s existing delivery process and designed the app’s architecture accordingly. The latest algorithms and functionalities such as geofencing, MapBox navigation, digital signatures, automatic order assignment, tips wallet, and push notification have been blended into the app. Users can view the complete order history and average delivery time taken by the agents.

How we did it ?


Automated Order Assignment

Delivery agents will automatically get orders based on their current GPS location, thus saving their precious time.

Seamless User Experience

Users can navigate through the app smoothly without any glitches and deliver the orders to the customer by using the app with real time navigation and location details

Visualize Daily and Total Earnings

The app has a wallet functionality that helps delivery agents view their daily and total amount of tips earned.

Average Delivery Time Reduced by 30%

Delivery agents can navigate to the customer’s doorstep easily, thus reducing the overall delivery time. The app also provides an overview to the drivers that displays the average time taken to deliver the order to the customers.

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