The Modernized Approach to Meet High-End Logistics Demand

A volcanic cloud descending on Europe may disrupt flight plans. An occurrence of Tsunami in Indonesia may affect port activities in California. A sudden fire in Los Angeles’ forest may block highways for a few days. Terrorist attack threats in Brussels may halt transportation in the area. A minor “Computer Glitch” may ground planes of United Airlines and halt trading of the almighty New York Stock exchange. These are some of the most typical scenarios for modern day logistics and transportation professionals whose jobs have started revolving around approaches to deal with a crisis and understanding this technology rather than simply worrying about loading cargoes on airplanes, ships, trucks, and trains.

Today, logistics executives must deal with new hurdles that require developing cost efficiencies meanwhile guaranteeing timely delivery, minute-by-minute tracking in every part of the world, and anticipating potential problems and being prepared with backup plans. If we add today’s ever-increasing security concerns to this sector, perhaps there is no other industry that best illustrates the idiom – “TIME IS MONEY”, while managing razor-thin margins at the same time. It has always been all about moving products from one point to another. However, in today’s market of global trade and use of sophisticated technologies, the job of logistics professionals have become extremely complex, something which couldn’t have been expected or even imagined 3 years ago.

The Modern Logistics Dilemma – Rise in Industrial Standards

Being a part of logistics sector myself, I have seen how major enterprises in this sector have helped the industry rise to higher standards. In the shorter span of few years, I have found the executives involved in this to be visionaries because the pace at which this industry is growing makes it quite evident that the way transportation and logistics sector works today will be viewed as a mammoth or dinosaur in upcoming years. I feel that such rapid transformation can be perplexing at times, and maybe more overwhelming, as well. This feeling might be as well due to the idea that manufacturers are creating a wide range of product varieties, options, logistics arrangement, and packaging designs.

Not to forget that many times, I have noticed a fact that in response to such complexity, there are enterprises promoting the 4PL concept – where logistics providers are able to offer higher value service, which goes beyond moving the product physically, to offering comprehensive solutions for the supply chain. Yet there is only a little information available to such service providers as to how current investments in technology are supposed to fit perfectly in the 4PL vision. I have interacted with so many who are still struggling to figure tangible steps that can be taken to enable new services or what exactly higher value services are.

Logistics and Transportation – The New Age Requirements

Logistics sector’s ever expanding arena with day-to-day growing competition and globalized operations have ascended the requirement for technology solutions in logistics and transportation industry. The firms, like I mentioned previously need effective and faster solutions to gain operational efficiency and enhanced profitability for their businesses. Real-time insights into transactional data for enhancing decision making, better visibility into the supply chain, effective collaboration with partners and improved customer services are few of the most significant necessities which every logistics firm is required to meet to seek better profits for themselves and beat the tough competition.

Recently, I was in a business meet when I came across a fellow businessman who was dealing with issues in his logistics business. I had a word with him regarding the concerns and troubles he was facing. After going through his issues, I felt that our company will be able to help him coming out of his dilemmas. I work for Brainvire and we leverage our expertise in Information & Technology in developing tech solutions that drive higher efficiency from real-time operations. We’ve worked on various projects delivering customized solutions that derive the high-end value for logistics firm’s every operation. The expert resources that we have followed by the significant experience in developing reliable IT solutions and strong domain knowledge can help logistic service providers by mitigating risks and opening up new opportunities to make money for them. Once we successfully helped his business, a flood of companies based in logistics and transportation came to us to seek our help for coming up with best-in-class services.

Here are few of the many examples of the clients from logistics and transportation industry that we’ve worked for.

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You can take a look at our logistics portfolio and capability:

• Mobile application development for logistics firms

• BI solutions for freight insights (We can develop a web application which can automatically track the freight and provide insights about it to the users)

• Routing optimization with mobility (We can develop mobile apps which can be used by the delivery guys for getting the optimized route suggestions for their delivery process. This saves a lot of time and expenditure.)

• Solutions for handling e-commerce activities like cash on delivery etc.

• Returns or reverse logistics

• Shipment tracking

• IT services for secure and general logistics service providers

• Real-time supply chain visibility applications

• Transportation and warehouse management solutions

• Asset management and tracking

So far, we have helped several leading enterprises by catering the perfect solutions for their business needs.

Why Must You Consider Choosing Brainvire?

Logistics practice of Brainvire comprises of expert developers having relevant experience in logistics. In fact, it’s well-defined to satisfy the changing and emerging requirements of the providers of logistics service with the on-going time. Our technical capabilities, infrastructure, and the resources to support various types of present as well as future technical endeavors and customer requirements related to the logistics sector. From improving the customer experiences to transport management process optimization of logistics firms, Brainvire has an explicit solution to every issue. This is to empower logistics service providers to drive customer centricity and service delivery.

Here are the points for more information on how Brainvire functions for logistics and transportation sector.

• Custom development to best satisfy the client’s needs

• Expert developers with hands-on experience in logistics IT solutions

• Timely development services

• 100% transparency throughout project

• Innovative solutions using the latest technologies

• Two-way mobility solutions which can be accessed by the staff of the firm for actual operations and also by the higher authorities of the firm for controlling the rules and regulations for accessing the mobile app.

Winding It Up

Like we’ve said before, a global customer base undoubtedly offers a lucrative target, but it also offers a fresh set of challenges for service providers in logistics sectors who’re accustomed to offering a standard logistics solutions to a homogeneous customer base.

What needed at the moment of is a company that can efficiently tailor solutions for each customer in order to accommodate various government regulations, fresh new channels, for instance, mobile apps, and industry-specific requirements like cold chain, tracking and tracing, and shelf-stocking services. And, like I mentioned before, Brainvire fits the requirement as it seamlessly offers solutions as per the end customer's demand.

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