A Complete Guide To Hiring Angular Developers in 2020

With frontend development rapidly gaining popularity, angular has become one of the most sought-after frameworks. Several companies are using it in their web application.

Here is a statistical report showing the demand of angular developers on different job portals.

Source: Merehead

If you are planning to hire an Angular developer for your business, then you have come to the right place.

In this guide, we will be talking about the following topics:

  • The key benefits of using angular
  • The roles and responsibilities of angular developers
  • Basic skill set angular developers must have
  • How to hire a developer as per your requirements
  • Questions to ask during an interview
  • The six steps of hiring an angular developer

Additional Information: Hourly rate charged by Outsourced and Freelance Angular Developers.

Let’s get started!

The key benefits of using angular

Designed and maintained by Google, Angular is a framework used to develop interactive Single-Page apps. It helps assemble rich website applications and simplifies frontend development.

Angular can help you reap these benefits:

  • Stability
  • Code consistency
  • TypeScript usage
  • Modularity
  • Flexible routing
  • Mobile-first

Over 3.5 million websites are developed using Angular. Well-known sites like and are two of the incredible examples you can check out.

Source: Slideshare

Here, let’s discuss some of the top reasons why angular is the best framework:


  • Declarative code style

Angular functions on patterns. A declarative code style is used to deal with the framework. It also has a lighter code when compared to other languages.


  • Easy testing

Angular is broken into subparts and modules to conduct thorough testing of each module created by the developer. This reduces the time required for the testing process.


  • Enhanced security

This framework is well-equipped with a security evaluation. Developers can use security measures to protect the data. 

  • Google support

Angular is supported by Google. This lets developers seek aid from experts when the website application faces problems

  • MVC architecture

You can create strong and interactive web applications using angular’s MVC architecture. MVC stands for Model View Controller – here Model handles the data, View maintains the information, and Controller develops an association between view and model.

Now that you know the benefits of angular, it is time to hire a team. Before that, let’s see the responsibilities and skills you must consider.

The roles and responsibilities of angular developers

When hiring an angular development team, you must consider certain roles and responsibilities.

The common duties of an angular developer include:

  • Working with CSS, JavaScript and HTML
  • Unit testing
  • Frontend development
  • APIs and external data sources
  • Permanent learning
  • RESTful APIs development
  • Bug fixing

Basic skill set angular developers must have

As software developers, angular developers also start from junior-level and move upward to mid and senior-level.

The basic skills junior-level angular developers must have:

  • Understanding of Angular and AngularJS modules and practices
  • Be able to develop testable, self-contained, and reusable components and modules
  • Good understanding of HTML5 and JavaScript
  • Be able to develop to offer SEO-related solutions for Single-Page application
  • Developing a dependency chain with regards to file system and application logic
  • Complete knowledge of proxies, API, database, caching layer, duties of the platform and other web services.

Source: Cleveroad

Here are a few skills mid and senior-level developers must possess:

  • Offering receptive feedbacks and authorizing user actions
  • Using progressive techniques like RxJs Observables and creating non-blocking codes
  • Good understanding of JS and CSS methods to keep the framerate more than 30fps and offer effective visual effects.
  • Ability to use APIs (file readers, storages, geolocation, IndexedDB, canvas, and workers)
  • Knowledge of REST architecture
  • Understanding of TypeScript features (unions, decorators, enums, generic types, etc.)
  • Developing general use modules and components to expand modules and elements of core Angular

Source: Cleveroad

Now you know the essential skills and duties of angular developers. Let’s see which type of developer best suits your business. 

How to hire a developer as per your requirements

When it comes to hiring an angular developer, you have three options to choose from:

  • Freelance angular developer
  • In-house angular developer
  • Outsourced angular developer

Let’s discuss these in detail and figure out the best for your business.


  • Freelance Angular Developer

A freelance developer is the one who works for him/herself. You can find them on various freelance channels or job portals. A freelancer is the best option when you want to develop intricate apps or websites and do not have the exact requirement.


  • In-house Angular Developer

An in-house angular development team works from your office and under your supervision. You also get to employ every member of the team. This is a perfect option if you are running a startup. You can hire a team of developers to work together and build the app.


  • Outsourced Angular Developer

This is the most affordable and convenient option. You can outsource the work or hire a development team. These people are experts in their field and provide all the necessary tools

Angular JS Developer Interview Questions

To understand the hard and soft skills of a developer, here are some of the common questions you must ask during an interview.


Questions to evaluate hard skills include:

  • Describe the angular
  • What are the main features of angular?
  • Describe the components of angular.
  • Explain the modules of angular.
  • How would you manage mistakes in the applications?
  • What’s CLI?
  • What’s a dependency injection?
  • What’s routing?
  • Describe the package.json file.
  • Explain angular directives with examples.
  • Describe the tsconfig.json file.
  • Describe the app.module.ts file.

Questions to evaluate soft skills include:

  • Basic communication skills
  • Creativity
  • Teamwork
  • Conflict management
  • Decision making
  • Adaptability
  • Dedication towards work
  • Response to particular actions

Here are the three important questions you must ask a development company:

  • What will the company do if the developer quits without finishing the project?
  • How long would angular developers work on a particular project?
  • What if the quality of work provided by the developer is not up to the mark?

You can find the perfect developer for your business with these interview questions. But how do you hire them? 

Let’s take a look at the six-step hiring process.

The six steps of hiring an angular developer

This hiring process will help you get the right developer on board. You can, however, also seek assistance from companies offering angular development services.

#1: Prepare a list of your needs and requirements

The basic step of hiring developers is to understand your needs and requirements. Prepare a list of what you want from your website app and accordingly understand the needs. This way, you can figure out the expertise you are looking for in a developer.

#2: Get in touch with a trustworthy development company

Search for the best angular development companies on Google. Use keywords like “hire angular developers” to achieve results in line with your needs. Visit the company website and take a look at their services.

#3: Explain your requirements to the company

Talk about the company’s experience with this framework. You can even go through their work on angular development. This way, you can figure out the company’s credibility.

 #4: Conduct an interview with the developer

Before hiring, always interview the developer to evaluate their skills. Ask them the questions mentioned above to understand their knowledge. 

#5: Talk about your needs and the terms and conditions

From your project requirements to the work timing of the developer, get everything in writing to avoid issues and misunderstanding in the future.

#6: Hire the right angular developer

This is the final step. Complete all the paperwork, confirm the process and begin your work ASAP.

Before winding up, here is the additional information we promised.


Additional Information: Hourly rate charged by outsourced and freelance angular developers.

The hourly rate charged by outsourced angular developers:

Region Rate in dollars
Asia 18 to 40$
Western Europe 75 to 100$
North America 150 to 175$
Easter Europe 30 to 50$
Latin America 30 to 50$


The hourly rate charged by freelance angular developers:


Region Rate in dollars
Latin America 81 to 100$
Easter Europe 15 to 30$
Western Europe 61 to 80$
Asia 10 to 40$
North America 81 to 100$


These are just the average salary of an angular developer. The final rate depends upon your project requirements and the selected developers’ skill.


Final thoughts

From browser and mobile extensions to backend and frontend development, JavaScript is the most sought-after language. 

With Angular being one of the most efficient JavaScript frameworks, it is preferred by many companies. It has huge support from Google and other communities of developers. It also offers you incredible benefits.

To hire exceptional angular developers for your business, conduct detailed research and groundwork. Set specific project requirements and go through several candidate’s experience and resume.

Remember, you require an angular development team with strong and highly-skilled professionals. These experts must be able to work in partnership and produce effective results.

So get going, sort through a pool of resources, and hire an angular developer who is a perfect match for your company.

You can also get in touch with Brainvire for additional assistance on angular development.

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