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About Project

Our client is a member of a leading real estate corporation based in Canada. The client has been helping several property owners fuel their investments as opportunities for financial growth. They ensure safe, secure, and seamless business undertakings amongst different parties involved in a rental agreement.

  • Property Rental

  • North America


Business Goal

The client aims to develop a simplified outlook add-on feature for smooth daily communication. It enables the customer to perform diverse functions including composing emails, automating emails, choosing pre-installed templates with stunning design, and adding or removing attachments.

Project Highlights

  • Outlook Add-on feature
  • Pre-defined Email templates
  • Simplified communication
  • Authentication and Security

UI/UX Enhancement

Our UI/UX boosts the efficiency and the potential of Microsoft Outlook significantly as it allows users to perform various tasks seamlessly. It further boosts productivity due to its enhanced usability.
outlook email add-on plugin

Key Challenges

Software process installation

The team aimed to streamline smooth and automatic installer for the Windows operating system.

Featuring Pre-defined Templates

The client sought to automate email composition and sending via pre-defined templates.

Streamlining easy communication

The project required the addition of different email addresses of people to email templates.

Validation of Username and Password

The client wanted an advanced authentication mechanism to be used in the add-on feature.

Our Solutions

outlook email add-on plugin

Efficient in Latest Windows Platforms

The add-on feature smoothly blends with different versions of Windows, allowing business performance optimization.

outlook email add-on plugin

Ease with a host of pre-designed templates

Efficient use of pre-defined email templates will enable users to create and send emails from Outlook.

outlook email add-on plugin

Increase email performance

Users can add different email IDs of various individuals easily in the pre-designed email templates.

outlook email add-on plugin

Enhanced security via validating credentials

The users will enjoy an advanced authentication process to validate their credentials.

Our Approach

Successfully implemented email application addon that supports different versions of Windows and enables a smooth authentication process for the user.



A tailored solution that could support different versions of Windows at all times.


Implemented a stringent authentication process to validate user credentials to ensure security.


Streamlined a feature that would enable the addition of email IDs of individuals in the pre-designed email template.


The efficiency was guaranteed by focusing simply on providing an enhanced user experience through add-on feature.

Technology Stack

Front-end Framework





Back-end Tech





Key Results

  • Enhanced Security

    By streamlining additional authentication and validation processes, we enhanced the security of the application.
  • Versatility

    The Outlook add-on allows users to use applications in different versions of Windows.
  • Easy-to-Use Templates

    Pre-designed Email templates are easy to use and streamline the composition and scheduling of bulk emails promptly.
  • Seamless Communication

    Smooth communication between users was achieved via the creation of different email IDs.
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