25 Future App Ideas That Start-Ups Must Invest In

How do you learn or discover something new?

Either you Google it or search it on an online platform.

Online business, web, and mobile apps are the most trending digital solutions every modern-age business is rooting for to gain better outcomes. As a result, innovative mobile and web app ideas increase business opportunities.

So, today, we are discussing upcoming unique mobile and new website ideas that can strengthen your emerging business.

We are going to discuss the following mobile app and website ideas:

  • Blockchain Tax-Invoicing App
  • Best Health Inspector Website
  • AI-Based Restaurant App
  • Local Food Delivery Online Business
  • Tours and Travels with AR/VR
  • Interior Designing Portfolio Website
  • Blockchain-App to Rate and Earn
  • Reader App
  • Car Parking App
  • Online Platform for Musicians
  • Let Me Listen App
  • News Website for Disaster Alerts
  • Business Website for Start-ups
  • Public Transport App
  • Your Own Website for Cooking
  • Thought Detector App
  • Online Business Sharing Life Hacks
  • Monthly Box Service App
  • News Website for Criminality
  • Online Marketplace to Repair Gadgets
  • eLearning Web App
  • Bus Tracking App
  • eCommerce Website
  • Language Learning Online Website
  • Astrology App

Blockchain Tax- Invoicing App

Do you have to sit for hours and struggle with your tax payments every year?

One way to reduce this hassle is through an intelligent Blockchain-based tax mobile or web app. This app can record your income, calculate the tax amount to be paid so that you can pay the right amount.

This app is based on an intelligent Blockchain framework and includes all the latest user features. In addition, the app gets regularly updated with the revised tax policies and amendments.

Simultaneously, the app can generate quick invoices to simplify all your business financials. In addition, the app can calculate taxes and generate automated invoices for all business transactions.

Experienced web and app development services can convert this brainchild into an application and simplify your customers’ lives.

Best Health Inspector Website

Every individual makes a regular visit to their doctor for health checkups. However, it becomes challenging to maintain a schedule and book appointments at the right intervals.

As an entrepreneur, you can provide an application that schedules health check-up appointments regularly. This health inspector app can ensure that individuals do not neglect their health.

Image Source: Somerset County

Skilled developers from our team can recommend the best technology suitable for a digital healthcare solution. In addition, the application can share automated notifications of the appointments to the healthcare institution and the individual.

The automated notification and message updates ensure that individuals do not miss out on their appointments.

Alongside, it can facilitate healthcare trending guidelines and other tips.

AI-Based Restaurant App

Why miss an excellent opportunity to dine at your favorite restaurant and celebrate a sudden special moment?

Instead, you can offer customers a tailored mobile and web app where they can get a glimpse of the restaurant or pub’s layout, menu, and other details. Through this application, users can book a particular table and visit when they wish.

Hence, this application can enhance the overall dining experience of the users.

Image Source: Smarther

We can use AI to create this application, understand user preferences, and implement them effectively. For example, AI will help users choose dining places based on their cuisine and location preferences.

If you are keen on this app idea, hire app developers to build error-free applications.

Local Food Delivery Online Business

An increased number of individuals enjoy delicious food within the comforts of their homes. For example, they would order a green salad worth 20$ from a local food truck and spend 5$ on its delivery.

They can order their dinner while on the move, and it will be delivered by the time they reach their home. With this application, you can tap on a large audience in a particular vicinity.

You can hire android app development services to craft this application, we can recommend different categories to be included on the website or mobile app.

Image Source: Elluminati Inc

Simultaneously, you can research different cuisines and outlets in your vicinity to include them in the application. An interactive application like this can connect you with your customers, help understand their preferences, and you can provide them with the much-deserved experience.  

Besides, you have to hire people that can provide quick and hygienic deliveries to customers to create a loyal customer base.

Tours and Travels with AR/VR

Traveling to a foreign land is fascinating but not hassle-free. Often, the traditional traveling guides do not offer tourists the best services, and they are left stranded in a new country.

To make this task convenient for globetrotters, you can invest in a tourism application that offers a thrilling expedition to them. To begin with, the application allows users to select a destination of their choice and get all required information of that particular city, state, or country.

Image Source: UpLabs

Users can search flight details, nearby tourist spots, and other activities to make their trip memorable. Our team of AR specialists can use AR navigation to enhance the travel experience. The advanced AR features can provide virtual tours to travelers to decide whether or not to visit the place.

If you are interested in building such an application, then do not hesitate to visit us!

Interior Designing Portfolio Website

Designing a functional home is not everyone’s cup of tea. A significant amount of visual essence is required to combine all the right home décor elements.

Budding entrepreneurs can use this USP and invest in an interior designing portfolio website that allows users to virtually combine elements of their choice, examine their look and feel, and then plan on their purchases.

As a leading web and mobile app development company, we can design a website that offers smooth navigation to your users. A website where they virtually choose everything from wall colors to chairs in the room.

Image Source: Best Products

This way, users can design a home based on their functionality, and you can provide exceptional services to their requirements.

Blockchain-App to Rate and Earn

Modern customers enjoy easy and quick income streams. This innovative Blockchain app allows you to invite users to register, rate products and services, and earn money or freebies in return.

Web and Application development companies can easily use Blockchain technology to develop such a solution.

Want to get one for your company? Connect with our experts!

Reader App

Often, you don’t have the time to read what’s already written when the reader application comes into the picture. This mobile application reads all the text written on the paper or your notes to refer to it again.

Image Source: Goodereader

This application can function as an audiobook reader where it reads out the entire book or novel to the user. This intelligent application enhances user knowledge and educates them for different walks of life.

Car Parking App

Searching for a car parking space during peak hours can be cumbersome, and dealing with this each morning can be difficult. Hence, you can offer a functional web or mobile app that showcases all the parking spots in the vicinity.

Image Source: Pinterest

With the help of GPS, users can track empty parking spots, park their car quickly and reach their workplace on time. This can be a great initiative from a business perspective as users prefer more innovative ways to park their vehicles.

Online Platform for Musicians

This online website for musicians can provide a helping hand to the musicians to find and meet like-minded musicians. They can jam together and create a new band. This website idea can guide musicians to make money online.

Image Source: Synth Anatomy

They can find and be a part of popular gigs for their band, providing them new work opportunities. This website platform can give them a national and global presence. The world wide web is a great domain, and musicians can connect and feature at multiple shows suitable for their growth.

Let Me Listen App

This can be one of the favorite applications for all music lovers. Initially, the application may seem like an iPod or MP3 player, but it has many advanced features. For example, users can create a customized playlist based on different genres of music that they love.

Image Source: FossMint

Besides, if the user wants, they can share the song with anyone on their contact list, and both can enjoy the song simultaneously. This application allows users to share their love for music with their loved ones.

News Website for Disaster Alerts

It can be challenging to bifurcate real and fake news. One way to tap on a large audience is to provide authentic and honest news based on the facts. With a news website for disaster alerts, you can update users with all the activities around the globe.

This news website platform can save individuals from getting misled with the wrong information. In addition, this platform can guide users to plan their day and avoid regions prone to disasters.

The platform sends automated alerts during natural disasters and recommends the areas you must avoid. This way, you can plan vacations and trips to safe locations.

Business Website for Start-ups

Your entrepreneurial skills are likely to develop when you stay updated with business insights and other tactics. A reliable business website can be the best source to tap on emerging entrepreneurs and build a great network.

Image Source: Colorlib

This business website can include techniques, business solutions, and other strategies to build modern businesses and walk the path of excellence.

Public Transport App

Using public transport in a new city can be a daunting experience. Most individuals are clueless about which train to board or bus station to get out on. This is the right opportunity to create a specialized application for public transports around the city.

Provide a comprehensive view and details of all transport options in the city. Then, approach a custom software development company that can create a mobile app for the same. An offline application would best offer an uninterruptible experience to users.

Your Own Cooking Website 

A smart cooking website is one of the brilliant entrepreneurial website ideas. This website provides users with innovative meals with minimum ingredients in their pantry.

This website will assist users with appropriate recipes. However, unlike ordinary cooking apps, this website will not have standard recipes. Instead, users can enter the list of ingredients available in their pantry, and the website recommends a series of recipes.

Image Source: TemplateMonster

Users don’t have to run to the grocery store while preparing meals. Through this website, you can share your love for food with your users and use their feedback to create new healthy recipes.  

Thought Detector App

As the name suggests, this mobile application can detect users’ thoughts while performing a particular task. You can connect with us, and our developers can create an application with an algorithm that can track the user’s thoughts while writing something.

For instance, a user was sharing a status on their social media platform; this application can trace what the user felt while writing it.

Online Business Sharing Life Hacks

Life hacks make life simpler. As an entrepreneur, if someone offered you simple business hacks, your journey would be mildly better.

Image Source: Google Play

Similarly, an application that shares life hacks for daily tasks can make an individual’s life easier. These hacks can include everything from tying a tie to cleaning a rusted pan. Again, such an application is suitable for a vast audience from different parts of the world.

Monthly Box Service App

There are various monthly box services apps available for different industry verticals. This can be a great business opportunity as it can drive-in consistent revenue. In addition, you can offer multiple services, such as cosmetics, wines, toys, and gourmet foods, among others.

There is a broad scope of recurring membership for such applications. This can be one of the best ideas to kick-start a new business.

News Website for Criminality

This website for criminality can update users about crimes in their vicinity. Users can also share their experience with crime on the website to notify their friends and neighbors. This instant notification feature can save users from significant crises.

Users can also notify people about fire outbursts and disasters in their contact list. As an app development company, we recommend a website and application to use your services effectively.

Online Marketplace to Repair Gadgets

Individuals are accustomed to electronics, and the mere thought of living without them makes their lives complicated. As an entrepreneur, you would like to tap on this important need of your customers.

You can offer repair services for all types of electronics to your customers through an online marketplace or a mobile app. All you have to do is share this wise idea with our experts, and we can propose to you the best technologies and features for your online marketplace and application.

Users can select the type of services they want, select a service provider, and book an appointment through this marketplace. They can also pay online for the services.

eLearning Web App

All schools, colleges, and other educational institutions have moved to the online platform. Now is the time to tap on the eLearning web app and reach more learners. We can help you create an eLearning web app with advanced features such as comprehensive curriculum preview, student progress, test taken, results, and steps to improve learning capabilities.

Following is a list of a few features:

  • Live sessions
  • Chatbox
  • Comprehensive dashboard
  • Offline lessons
  • Practice tests

Hire experienced developers in developing eLearning applications and can improve learners’ capabilities.

Bus Tracking App

A metropolitan city needs a real-time application to help locate buses and help users know about their arrival. Buses are the most affordable and convenient source of commuting for individuals worldwide.

With this application, your users will be aware of the estimated arrival time of the bus they want to get in. This will make it easier to travel to school, college, workplace, or any nearby tourist destination.

eCommerce Website

An eCommerce website is the best solution when you sell a range of products to your customers. They can shop from your store from anywhere and at any time. Moreover, you have the liberty to provide them with a comprehensive collection and save on the warehouse cost using the drop-shipping technique. The best way to do so is to hire an app development company.

The use of secure technologies helps quicken the payment, shipping, and delivery process. This means your customer can enjoy a smooth purchase experience.

If you are looking for the right magento website development company to take your business to the next-level, contact Brainvire today.

Language Learning Online Website

Allow your users to learn new languages of their choice. This can be an excellent idea for a startup! Our developers can create an online website that allows your users to learn different languages from basic to advanced levels.

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

They do not have to limit their linguistic skills to one or two languages; instead, they can learn grammar, pronunciation, and writing and speak different languages.

Astrology App

Individuals prefer to check their horoscope before making an important life decision regarding career, love, marriage, and others. You can also connect with astrologers to share their expertise on the application.

Our team can introduce the right features such as live chat, quick registration, and generation of charts.

Final Checkout

There is no doubt that the idea is the most important aspect while starting a business. However, its effective execution is equally important.

We, at Brainvire, can guide you through this execution process and hence would be glad to hear from you!