Which Programming Language Is Best For iOS App Development?

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  • Published On January 18, 2022

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It is crucial for people in the mobile industry to pick the right programming languages for mobile applications. Almost half a billion Americans use phones worldwide, data shows. Nearly half a billion people are connected to the internet. 

Smartphones have many applications. This is the key reason developing a good iOS app is so crucial in business. Despite having a huge number of language options, it’s still becoming harder than ever for companies and developers to select a good language.

Top 5 Technologies for iOS App Development

Once your answer is found, it is time for you to decide what iOS development language to write the app in. What are the reasons? If the app succeeds, you will be required to improve the app with additional features. 

We believe you should decide on a programming language that can enable you to accomplish those goals. Here’s a list of the top iOS software development technologies. You have a choice of iOS-specific and general-purpose language options and cross-platform frameworks. See what they are for you: Choose whichever would work best for you.


If your answer is Swift, then there is no problem. It is a language most favored in iOS development. Swift is an advanced general-purpose software development language. Apple has released the language since 2014. It is 2.7x more efficient than Objective-C.

The developers’ group reveals that 2.5 million people around the world use Swift to build iOS apps. The easy programming style attracts many developers to it. School institutes add Swift to their classes. Instead, a developer must not only develop complete mobile applications using Swift but also use it in existing application code.

Using the Tiobe Index in 2020, Swift has been the 11th most voted language by almost three times that year. Swift has become a general-purpose programming language used for the development of native iPhone applications. This program is designed for framework applications like Cocoa Touch and Cocoa.


Swift has been used in many popular apps, including Facebook Messenger, Instagram, HBO Now, Yahoo Weather, and more.

When Should You Use Swift?

It’s a general-purpose, multi-paradigm programming language that runs on iOS, OS X, watchOS, and tvOS. Swift is an easy-to-learn and fast-to-code language that makes it easier to develop apps for Apple devices. It has been adopted by many companies for their app development process.

Objective C

Objective C is a programming language that is used in the development of iOS apps. It allows developers to create apps for Apple devices like iPhone and iPad.

Objective C was introduced by NeXT in 1991, but it was not until 2007 that Apple released the first version of its iOS SDK, which was written in Objective C. It is considered one of the most powerful languages in the world and has been used in many applications such as Mail, Safari, and iTunes.

The language provides a number of features that help make it easy to use for developing apps quickly and efficiently. Objective C also has a number of tools that help make the development process easier, including Xcode, Interface Builder, and Instruments.

Popular features in Objective C

– Blocks are small pieces of code that can be executed without having to write them all out separately

– Cocoa Touch is an API for developing user interfaces

– Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) helps reduce memory leaks


Objective C has been used by many developers, including those from Microsoft, Google, Adobe, and Amazon.


Microsoft introduced C# with programmers back in 2002, which is generally a C family compiled programming language. C# is mainly regarded by programmers for its strong programming vocabulary: object-oriented and declarative programming techniques that make iPhone app development easy to use. The well-known language has an established reputation for developing games VR and AR applications. The survey reveals that more than 6 million developers will be using C# in the world by 2022.

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Advantages of C#

  • Cross-Platform
  • Object-Oriented Language
  • Backward Compatibility
  • Automatic Garbage Collection
  • Better Integrity and Interoperability
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A survey by Stack Overflow also showed that C# was the most versatile coding language in the world, ranking 5th.


HTML 5 is the latest standard for creating websites and mobile apps. It’s a cross-platform language that lets you build interactive websites, web apps, and more.

HTML 5 has been gaining traction in recent years because it offers faster website load speeds, improved performance, better security, and easier development. The benefits of HTML 5 are not limited to just its features. It also has a lot of potential for mobile app development due to its cross-platform compatibility with iOS devices.

HTML5 offers significant benefits over other technologies like UIKit or jQuery Mobile. It is not just about speed or performance but also about code readability and maintainability. It supports a wide range of devices, from desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.


It has been widely adopted by major technology companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, Facebook, and Microsoft.


Flutter was developed by Google in 2015 and was officially published by Google in 2017. Easily developed by the open-source team, the software includes iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, Windows, and Google Fuchsia. Flutter enables developers to build visually appealing cross-platform applications, hence its popularity among iOS developers.

Flutter allows developers to use its built-in widgets and components that are pre-built in order to reduce development time and cost. Flutter’s design philosophy emphasizes simplicity, performance, and testability. It’s also easy to learn and use since it uses a simple HTML-like syntax to build user interfaces.

If you are interested in making native software quickly and effectively, then Flutter is the ideal solution. This software application development toolkit from Google helps developers develop desktop applications quickly.


Capital One utilizes its amazing software development tools to create apps.

5 Things To Remember Before Working On Your iOS App

The development of a great iOS app needs analysis and planning. We have created this quick but helpful checklist for app developers for success.

  1. Evaluate your internal capabilities to build this app

How much time and money it takes for an iPhone application depends largely on functionality and complexity. It usually involves a number of experts, including iPhone Developers, Frontend Designers, User Experience Designers, User Interface Designers, Graphic Design, and also QA Developers. In other words, this team has the right knowledge about the market and experience in developing such an app. Therefore, you have to decide in advance whether it’s worth hiring an external developer or outsourcing the development. What are some good ideas for creating iOS applications?

  1. Take into account compatibility with multiple iOS versions

During the design of iOS apps, you have to remember that not everyone has the latest iOS update. Alternatively, a mobile app may only support the latest version when the users use the earlier version but may not be happy and may delete the application immediately. Make sure your software has compatible with all the system versions available. It takes longer to get people to use the app.

  1. Conduct Market Research

The next stage must remain crucial, and many entrepreneurs have forgotten this fact. If you want a customer to download an App, you first have to understand their needs. If a survey has not yet taken place, it can have the following consequences: This action allows you to create a customized campaign and will therefore increase your download count.

  1. Prepare a detailed plan for your iOS App Development

Once the second point is successfully completed, you should begin planning. It should provide the maximum detail of information. Below is a list of questions that must be asked in preparation for a planning process.

  1. Define the Main Purpose

When you answer these questions, it will become easier for you not only to present these questions to customers, but you will also be more likely to decide about future app development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which smartphone platform is best for app development?

Applications can help users access social networking websites and other activities. Mobile apps generally fall into two categories. It’s an Android phone while it’s an iOS phone. In addition, Google PlayStore owns 2.23 million iPhone apps and 1.44 million Android devices. Although Android applications have an increased number worldwide compared to iOS apps, we compare them for mobile apps development.

What are most iOS apps coded in?

Most modern Apple apps have been written using Swift developed and maintained by Apple. Objective-C is a very popular language often used with earlier iOS Apps. While Objective C or Swift remain popular languages, iOS applications may be written in other languages such as Flutter, HTML 5, and C#.

Tell me the best way to use Swift for iOS app development?

Swift provides an excellent tool for creating graphical applications that are easily expandable once released. Generally, it is fairly easy to learn and guarantees a quick development procedure. In addition, the application is updated regularly and allows easy improvement of your application.

When should I use HTML5 for iOS app development?

HTML5 will make you more comfortable with developing a simple iOS app that’s accessible from anywhere. This choice is worth it if someone is working on HTML5 and can develop this app.

Accelerating Learning

Stack Overflow has reported that different iOS languages are ranked above Swift in view of their vast array of advantages. This varies a lot depending on what you are trying to do. For the rapid hybrid application, HTML5 might work for multiple platforms that include Microsoft. In terms of product development, Swift holds the top spot.

App development is a time-consuming task that requires time, and inevitably there will be little time for a few of those lapses. You should be aware that it can take a few weeks before a free app gets approved by your Apple store. But the quicker you learn the basics of a task, the higher your chances for success.

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